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EG Sale Prices

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I inquired as to what sizes they had in the upcoming sale and I'm not sure if I didn't ask properly or what.. but they replied saying the prices were 392 for all models he listed, except the Dover which was 404.

I thought they'd be significantly less - isn't that retail?
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Regular prices for EGs recently increased from $850 to $950. The sale prices likely reflect this increase.
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I think you're jumping the gun a bit. The Sale is some five weeks away. Probably, the shop will not know yet, what will be available in the Sale.

The price you have been quoted is most likely to be the normal price (without Value Added Tax = 17.5%), this would bring it to (tax included) GBP 460.00 and 475.00 respectively.

Sounds about right, although I'd thought there was a greater difference between standard and hand stitched apron (Dover etc.).

Contact the store again in a month's time.
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Regarding the value added tax...Do you have to ask them for it, or is it subtracted automatically?
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If the shop mails it out to you (anywhere outside the European Union) they will deduct the tax automatically. If you buy it in person and take the goods with you, you pay the full price (incl. tax) and will be given a form to certify the items have left the country. You present form and goods to customs at departure, they stamp the form and the tax will be forwarded to you.

When you arrive at your home country you are supposed to declare the import, but the item might have just gotten inside your suit case and nobody will know it hasn't been yours for ever.

Large shops will know, small one (outside tourist destinations), might need to be reminded.
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So are the shoes $350-$400 US Dollars or Great Britian Pound Sterling?
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Dovers For 400 Bucks!!!???
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Originally Posted by jjgold
So are the shoes $350-$400 US Dollars or Great Britian Pound Sterling?

The prices quoted above are Pounds Sterling. The sale price has usually been approximately 250 Pounds Sterling.
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Last year all models excluding handsewns and boots were 250 quid, approximately US$425. Handsewns and boots were 285 quid or US$485. Shipping was an additonal 30-40 quid depending on how many pairs you had coming. These prices already exclude the VAT.

If the EG store has raised its prices as most US based retailers have, expect to pay about US$100 more per pair this time around.
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