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Safety Razors

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After doing some reading about DE safety razors and how they help prevent ingrown hairs (which I chronically get), I have decided to purchase one to try.

Because I don't know if it's something I will really get into I don't want to dump alot of cash on a high end Merkur set. So I have been surfing the net trying to find info on other good brands.

Any pointers in what I should be looking for?
I don't want to get something totally crappy because it is going to be on my face and I don't want to be butchering myself.

I have been checking ebay and found a few Gillette's and some Parker brand that I haven't heard of. Would any these be ok to start with?


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Possibly. Frankly I would check if I were you over at for advice on this. There are a few people here that could also help.
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I have an adjustable Gillette (with the 1-9 markings) and I've found that to give a great shave. You will have to find your ideal adjustment and some people adjust it differently for different parts of their face. I have just settled on 4 because I don't really have time in the morning to think about all that. But it works quite well and I use regular Nivea sensitive gel with it.

Haven't had an ingrown hair or anything yet, though I do cut myself pretty often (Mostly around this mole under my lip that sticks out a bit). However, it doesn't hurt at all and the cuts heal pretty much instantly.
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there's one you can buy for about $20 brand new from one of the main shaving sites. i don't recall which one.

when i first joined this site, i posted a thread about safety razors and whether or not anyone here used them. it got zero responses.
post #5 of 10 has a nice supply of Merkur razors and various accessories. Also they have a selection of straight razors.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing has a nice supply of Merkur razors and various accessories. Also they have a selection of straight razors.

that's the site i was referring to.
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Manic, I have that model 1-9 Gillette adjustable that your ebay seller is offering. It is a great razor. I alternate between that one and a Merkur Futur.
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Manic, those razors look okay, especially to test out. I have an old Gillette that I got at a yard sale in the travel kit that I might start using on trips. One thing is, make sure you throw it in the dishwasher, or some sort of alcohol solution, my old Gillette still has 40-year-old hairs stuck in it. I use a Merkur (this one) and I really think it could have been one of the best investments I've ever made, I think I have already paid for it in inexpensive razor blades. And stick with it, the first month is tough, then you won't even think about it.
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i like those new gillette fusions. whatever gillette considers state of the art, i buy. i have a heavy beard and sensitive skin -- merkur razors never did a damn thing for me. and those cheapo razors that you get in locker rooms at a big city men's club are like shaving with the edge of a tin can.
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I've given up DE shaving for the Fusion which for me has given the closest, best shave I've ever enjoyed. It's downright phenomenal, how smooth the Fusion is. The blade cost starts to hurt, but you can rationalize that as a luxury shave at a luxury price. (This is a web site where people talk about $800 shoes and $200 jeans all the time so I figure that Gillette blades should fit right in!)
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