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Identifying Grenson Masterpiece vintage?

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Hi all, I got this pair of Grensons on eBay for 130.


As you can see from the pics, they don't resemble Masterpieces from this modern era.

The sole is stamped "BenchMade in England" in the arch and
"Goodyear Welted" on the ball of the sole.

The half-lining is burgundy leather, the soles are channeled and the waist is beveled. There is no oval with the info, but a white ink stamp

Can anyone comment on the age of these shoes? The look around 10 years old to me. As the auction states, the stamp in the shoe reads:

Style 6322/01 10 1/2 EF C 2935 - 10-92

Are they even Masterpieces? Could they really be from 1992? Doh!
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They may be older, but they look like quality shoes. If so, you got quite the deal for $130.
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I bid on them instead of getting a pair of Bennies Grensons specifically because the width on these is just perfect for me. They really fit well. I was just surprised that these were so old.
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Lovely shoes; certainly seem to be up to Masterpiece quality standards. Out of curiosity, what exactly is the width? The "EF" would possibly suggest a width between UK E and F, but what about the "C" that comes after? Also, do they really have a beveled waist?
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Nice shoes and a great price, billiebob.

I occasionally see auctions for English shoes in what are purportedly wider widths, but I always assume the seller just doesn't know how to translate from UK to US sizing. What are the clues that shoes with UK sizes marked really are wider than the standard fitting, assuming the seller doesn't give detailed information? (e.g. F is Grenson's current standard medium width).
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I am only assuming that width E UK corresponds to US D. While this isn't very sophisticated, it hasn't gotten me into trouble yet.

I didn't know that Grenson's standard width if UK F. The Loake for Tyrwhitt standard width is also UK F, with an optional UK G in several shoes. Many people have to size down 1/2 because the Loakes are so darn wide.

Since the shoes fit me like a US 11 D/E, I'm going with the interpretation of "10.5 E/F" being the UK size/width.

Maybe I'm using the term "beveled waist" incorrectly. It doesn't have the "fiddleback" waist, where the sole surface curves upward from horizontal. Instead of the 90 degree angles of a typical sole edge, the edges of the sole in this region is rounded off. It looks like something that could be done with a router pretty easily. It's a nice touch, and helps the shoe to look more elegant.
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Not bad looking, a steal of that price.
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