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Affordable MTM

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Looking for affordable MTM suits, preferably in NYC area. TaT doesn't do 3-Piece Suits, so thats out as I want to get one, anyone have any suggestions based on their own experience??
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I don't know if Steven Aver does 3 piece suits, but ask Steven to make sure. He most likely does.
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Any MTM programs that actually fit you for a suit in a store, rather than online?
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Anyone also know of one in Los Angeles..?
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I do offer 3 piece suits. Fitting can also be arranged in person in the NYC area.

- S
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Has anyone tried ModernTailor? They sent me a $50 off coupon for their suits after a shirt order.
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Mr Ned on lower 5th avenue. he's made a bunch of things for me and their work is highly regarded here, and reasonable.
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You can also try Indochino.com, they do have 3 pc options. I recently order a suit from both Indochino and TaT. They Indochino one shipped in 6days I should be receiving it soon. You also get $75 tailoring credit, so you can do a final fitting and adjustments with a local tailor. Otherwise your best bet is to find a local MTM shop, but usually that will run you more $$$.
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Neither Modern Tailor nor Indochino offer NYC fittings, to my knowledge, which is what the OP was looking for.
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Most "affordable" MTM programs are from Asian sources and they only take online orders. Those who offer fittings in NYC, although still made in the Far East, are more expensive. A three piece suit will probably push the price up to $1000.
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Will any of beforementioned MTM services do overcoats?
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Check out LS Men's Clothing. Izzy is the man who runs the place and he is very helpful. However, I haven't purchased anything there.
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