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The late, never great Pontiac Grand Am used to come with a spoiler. According to some salesmen that alone added about 12HP I don't see what's the relevance here. You can argue the Merc has a wooden steering (not to be mixed up with a disconnected steering which is a Honda trademark), but to fix that deficiency you'd need to step up to AMG kit.
The C300 was one of the most boring cars I have ever driven. What made matters worse was that it looked quite sporting and had all the touches in the interior and exterior which would make one excited to drive it. Driving it was such a let down! Wooden steering, turn in that takes days, extremely muted engine noise, squishy brakes, automatic transmission constantly hunting for gears, terrible fuel economy, body roll for days, and a surprisingly stiff suspension despite all the previous shortcomings. In short, one of the biggest pieces of shit I have ever driven and I hated every second of it. That BMW can make a car that is at once MORE COMFORTABLE and yet so much more involving and fun to drive is really a testament to how much the Merc sucks. The 2.5S Altima that I got my next time out was a better automobile in every way from a driving perspective. And that's really saying something..
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i've owned a 335xi for almost 3 years now, and this engine is still a joy to drive every day. it's a monster
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Lease: BMW Buy: Infiniti I have an 08 G35 sedan (which is lighter/faster than the coupe). Is it perfect? No. Is it a lot of car for the money? YES! Main selling point for me was more interior room (3-series legroom is cramped front and back). But I know once it's paid for I'll have a free ride for 2-3 years before any major repair bills. Buying a BMW you could run into big repair bills while you're still making payments. The top salesman at my nearby BMW dealer said "80% of my customers lease." I didn't have to ask for an explanation. The only major headache with a BMW lease is the stupid run-flat tires. Plan to spend a lot replacing them while you have the car, or when you turn it in. Don't plan any long road trips. Also consider the time the car will spend at the dealer for repairs they can't diagnose (which could be weeks at a time).
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Another vote for the 335, that N54 engine is awesome. Though the G is definitely a good car too.
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Just test drove both of them. Hands down the BMW. The Infiniti has a powerful engine, but the BMW's is so fucking smooth. I was gliding along the highway at 120.
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