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Dunhill S/S 2006 Collection

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I quite like the new collection from Dunhill.
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Nothing offensive but nothing that makes me want to run down the street naked yelling their name.
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Ernest jokes aside, I'm another huge fan of Dunhill. I don't own any of the nicer leathergoods or suitings, but my plain navy sportcoat, relabeled C&J shoes, ties, and polos have all been great buys. Same goes for non-logo cufflinks. Btw, I have the sweater vest version of the "cricket sweater" from the preview.
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I really liked Page 2....the peak lapel one button suit and the teal/blue sport jacket moved me.
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Yeah, this collection seems really nice. Modern refined British - the accessories such as the cufflinks, leather bags, and small leather goods really accent the collection well. The tailored garments also look very sharp. I believe the past two collections have also been done very well. On a side note, this Dunhill sport coat that a few forum members were talking about is available at the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet at Gurnee Mills (near Chicago) for $250 or $299 plus 20% off, as opposed to the $600 STP price. It's really a sharp coat in person, and the fabric is quite nice. They also had a similar coat or suit (more subtle windowpane, and I believe there was some gray in it) in a 2B peak lapel.
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Yeah ever since Richard James took over the entire line has looked a look smoother and refined. Modern British has a nice ring to it.
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