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A contest to see who best captures the spirit of Doc's fits? Texture above all, with a bit of Steediness thrown in?
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Originally Posted by PTWilliams View Post
I will talk about style.
I am always pleased when I read in this forum that one should find their own style and pursue it.
When I ride my 53 Bentley down the road, I get lots of thumbs up. It is not about how cool I look in the Bentley, rather it is about how I made someone's day by their seeing the Bentley. I get the same feeling when I see a neat car, be it modern or vintage. In the same way I believe that style can bring pleasure to other people. Seeing a woman in a pretty dress (quite the exception these days) or a man well dressed provides others pleasure. Dressing well is an art form in itself. If you do exactly what everyone else is doing its not very interesting, being different for the sake of being different is also not very interesting, and often fails.

This is why I am here. I was recently told by a young lady that I have style most men lack. Granted at the time, all my discretionary income was being sucked up by urgent matters leaving me with thread-bare shirts and jackets without liners. I even had to sew patches on my pants, but having her say that in spite of my wardrobe deficiency made me feel good because it obviously made her feel good to say it.

Today I purchased on Ebay a Pendleton indian blanket vest (item 330384905781) and a Holland & Holland pair of breeks (item 190356374157). Yesterday I purchased a SHERLOCK HOLMES TWEED INVERNESS CAPE (item 290378551435). Each item, at one time, were in style, and the challenge will be to incorporate them into my style and project an interesting persona and not just down right weird. I believe that the trick is to project traditional style in all items save one. I also have a closet full of custom made Hermes pants, shirts, and suits, so I can pull off well-dressed traditional pretty well.

And that's just it. For a number of years an WWI AEF tunic with a Greek fisherman's cap were part of my rotation. Made me look like something out of Dr. Zhivago, way out of date, but the cut of the tunic and the cap made the look very stylish. Now if I were to don a fedora of a campaign hat, I would have looked like a frickin' weirdo.

Which brings me back to this:

So for me fashion and style is really this artistic pursuit of making the environment I step into a more attractive and interest place, while putting up with SF ridicule. I take what I need from SF, however, so I have no complaint.

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- B
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Originally Posted by RJman View Post
Most of us have gone insane/gone to ground/turned into perverts because of 4chan.

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Originally Posted by rnoldh View Post
You two are the epitome of style. And I say that sincerely. pejsek with a "carefully selected" wardrobe that would rival the Duke of Windsor's. And RJman with his Delos shoes and Savile Row suits.

Really two of my favorite posters.

After much thought, I've realized that I'm a slob! I care about style but not enough to follow trends nor value style over comfort.

A well known tailor and SF member told me a story about one of his favorite clients ( who is a friend of mine ). He cares more about comfort and "room to let it out if necessary" more than "style". I've reached that point.

It also suits what I'm now doing. I love the idea of UTR ( under the radar ). I would rather drive an old shitbox than a Duesenberg and I'd rather wear something comfortable and nondescript than a Vicuna garment.

I've accumulated a large amount of stuff I don't need over the years and I think I'm going to pare it down to only the essentials.

Some of the people I've admired the most and look to as role models were not stylish people.

Congratulations on your graduation. You can now move to AAAC (but you will be missed).
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