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Poll: Which Edward Green Last

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In another thread, SF member benecios writes:

It seems reading most posts that everyone's favourite EG last is 888,so how come when you call about their current selection of stock shoes it is made up almost exclusively of 202,606 and 82? Could it be that they don't know their market,or is it so you have to pay the premium to get an 888 last in the style you want MTO? Or,am I talking rubbish and everyone loves the 606,202 and 82?

Do members of this Forum, in fact, favour one last over another? Here's an opportunity to cast your vote.

You can find images of these lasts on the Sky Valet site here:


This poll only asks about the EG lasts used on oxford shoes; the lasts for casual shoes are in fact different.
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I am an 888 man, and not because I'm a superstitious Chinese.
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In terms of best fit, how it looks only, overall preference?
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A good question. While the 888 is rather pleasing to my eye, I get a much better fit and comfort from the 606....so that's my choice.
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All three for me. The 888 is as perfect a fit as a RTW last gets for my feet.
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I have a feeling the EG RTW production is based on democratic fit, while the MTO preference might be more based on aesthetics.
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I voted for 888. How come you didn't put 89 on the poll?
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I don't own any, so I'm not officially voting. But the pictures of those in the 888 are the ones I think are the best combination of beautiful/timeless/unique.
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While I think that the appropriate last entirely depends upon the shoe model in question, I have voted for the 888 as I find myslef selecting it most frequently.
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808 would be my choice.
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Errrrr... go on then 888!
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I only have a modest 3 pairs, but two (Chelsea and some mystery RLPL oxford model) are on the 82. The 888 is too narrow for me, dammit.
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The 888 is too narrow for me, too, but I'm not voting since I only own 1/2 a pair of EG shoes (RL billed me half for a MTO pair of shoes. I'm anxiously awaiting their delivery...and will be waiting for several more months).
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202 is my favorite, though I do not deny the 888 and 82 are very handsome shoe lasts.
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I am wearing the Walcot on the 888 last today. It is about as close to a perfect RTW fit as I can imagine.
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