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shopping in Seoul

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I’ll be in Seoul for about a week in June; anything in particular I should look at while I'm there? Previous threads on AAAC have addressed bespoke, but I’m assuming that I would need more than the few days I’ll have. Is anything else particularly well priced in Korea?
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Seoul is expensive for anything worth buying, in my limited experience.
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I agree, having been there many times there aren't really any bargains, unless you're from Japan and you can get your Louis Vuitton gear for a bit cheaper taking a holiday to Seoul. Seoul is like a junior version of Tokyo IME, and just as expensive
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yeah, seoul doesn't really have anything interesting. in the month i stayed there i bought a wallet. that's it. (but i spent something like $700 on food. hahaha.)
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I've been there and you should stock up on underwear (nice cotton boxers for $2.00 ea. you must negociate) and sox. You should try wholesale disrtict like: Dongdaemun or Namdaemun:

The best prices are during 3AM-6AM when all the wholesellers are doing business.
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