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Dress Shoes

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Hello everyone!

I am currently looking for some dress shoes, and I saw this deal on Amazon for Clark's shoes with $20 off on purchases of $80+. What do you guys think of Clark's shoes? Are they decent? What do you think of the deal? I actually have no dress shoes and never bought one before, so if you can be kind enough to give me some advice in purchasing one.

Here is the link to those shoes:

Toan Vu.
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Welcome to SF!

What's your budget?

Here you will find that many people can knowledgeably recommend shoes from 100 bucks to 1500+ depending on how much you want to spend.

If you're looking in the 100-150 range, I'd look for some Allen-Edmonds on sale.

I had a pair of Clarks - I didn't like 'em. What are you going for, style or comfort?
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Speaking from a purely stylistic viewpoint, I wouldn't wear any of the Clarks Amazon offers as dress shoes. They're all too casual to work well with suits, or even sportcoats.
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You can get away with that, at work.. possibly with a sportcoat or suit if it's your only option.

Scratch the sportcoat/suit.. when I looked at it more closely..... eh.
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Clark's at its best makes two classic streetwear staples, namely the Wallabee and the desert boot. But for proper shoes (both casual and formal) there is much better out there in terms of elegant style and durable construction. As mentioned, A-E's can be had on sale for not much more, and if you use ebay you can also find Aldens, Ferragamos, Maglis, and Mezlans at a similar price point. Bear in mind that the latter 3 (with the exception of Ferragamo's Tramezza line, which may be out of your price range) are by and large inferior from a quality standpoint compared to A-E and Alden, however.
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