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Is this a 54R US, or a 54R European? I'm not so sure, as I explain below. I'd inquire with the seller.

I'm PRETTY sure I sold this Isaia suit to this guy some time ago. Not sure why he hasn't had it tailored and isn't going to wear it -- he said it fit him perfectly (I even offered him a return if it didn't). Anyways, if this seller is in fact the guy who I sold the suit to, it is a 54 R EUROPEAN, not a 54 R US as he has listed it. If you are a 43 or 44R, I would definitely inquire with the seller about the sizing, because $400 is a ridiculously low price on this thing.

Again, I'll premise everything I'm about to say on the assumption that this is the suit that I once had in my possession. The fabric is a three season (fall, winter, spring, IMO) worsted with a slightly brushed finish. The glen plaid is very subtle and the suit will come off as a dark grey from more than a few feet. It's a wonderful fabric with a nice hand but it's got some body to it. The shoulders are a little more structured than the typical Isaia, with a bit of roping at the sleevehead (though not as much as something like a Zegna). The measurements, IIRC, ran pretty true, and the suit would fit a 43R or a snug 44R. I think the length was 33" or something like that. Double vents, sleeves can be cut for working holes. 3 roll 2 1/2 button.