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Slim-fit Corneliani shirts?

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I have a Corneliani (main line) shirt that is made of a very nice cotton and that I really like. I am now thinking about getting another Corneliani shirt of the same quality. However, the cut of my shirt is quite generous and blousy and I would prefer a much slimmer cut. The store that I usually frequent did not have any other models of their Corneliani shirts, however. Does anybody know if Corneliani has a more slim fit shirt in their main line collection? Or maybe I should go for another shirtmaker? (If so, what other shirtmaker should I aim for given that I want the same soft quality as my Corneliani shirt?)

Thanks in advance!
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No, all the Corneliani shirts I've seen fit like tents. Try finamore, or barba.
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I have a couple of those and I find them a little more form fitting. I normally wear a 15 1/2 ' collar but get those shirts in 15' collars and they fit pretty well.
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I've found Fray to be slimmer as well, but be prepared for some sticker shock. Unless you obsess about handiwork and so forth, it'd be cheaper to get your Corneliani taken in by a tailor, or try to find an MTM place that offers comparable fabrics.
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Thanks for all suggestions! I ended up buying a Corneliani shirt that actually had quite a bit slimmer cut than my other Cornelianis. It is from the "Executive" range according to the label, and was priced a bit less than other Corneliani shirts. It has a very nice cut and so far I'm very satisfied with it.
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