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Robert talbott ties

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I just purchased my first Robert Talbott tie. I love the pattern and colors -- it might be my favorite I've ever had or seen -- but I'm having a lot of problems with the knot. If I use a four in hand, it's too small. If I use windsor, the knot is a little "long." Plus, for some reason with the windsor knot The tie keep being about two inches too short. On the shortness note, it's mainly because the loop that is used to secure the small end is too low on the tie. Does anyone have experience with sewing a second securing loop onto a tie?
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I love my Robert Talbot ties. They have an amazing texture, and I find that they tie a perfect half windsor every time. -Tom
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Try a 'compromise' knot like the half-windsor (suggested above) or, my favorite, the Shelby (aka, Pratt). Different ties call for different knots due to their thickness, etc.
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I have a Talbott tie for sale on Ebay Here. The tie is beautiful and looks to be excellent quality, but what is the retail price for a tie like this? I would imagine around $75, can anyone confirm this?
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It's a bit hard to judge without knowing what line it is from, ask for a picture from the back of the wide-end of the blade. If it says Robert Talbott Studio (usually printed) - MSRP is about $65, Best of Class (usually woven) - $95, Estate (woven, self-tipped; never seen them on ebay) - $150, and lastly, Seven Fold (which I don't think this one is) - $195. In all likelihood I think this one is Best of Class.
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FCS, I've seen the 'Best of Class' ties (in fact, I passed up 12 of them at a consignment shop for $3 each - all were beautiful, I just didn't know of the label at that time), I don't believe this is one. Here is a direct link to my auction:
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Oopps, sorry, didn't realised that you were the seller. Should've read more carefully.
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Hmmm...Four in hand usually works for me. Zegnas (Disegno Exclusivo) got perfectly in to a half windsor...Napolis also 4 in hand.
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