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Originally Posted by Brian SD
At this point, the idea of comparing numbers between systems is kind of a moot point.

Even at the consumer level it's all governed by Moore's Law, which is why I think Apple switched to an Intel processor despite how much I like the IBM/Motorola setups. Ever try explaining to computing tyro why they don't need the top of the line Processor if all they are going to do is surf the internet and check email or how a top line Mac processor works compared to a top line PC processor? This is why I stay politely behind the technological progression curve.
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Originally Posted by Rome
Are you a Beta tester or did you re-appropriate a copy? From what I’ve heard it’s the resource management capabilities that are the showstopper. I was temped to run a copy on PC Anywhere but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. As far as the GUI, you have to admit it does borrow from the Mac OS. Is Vista still on schedule to come out late this year? Personally I wouldn’t get a MBP until v.2 (computers have given an aversion to anything v.1) and the new OS comes out mid 07, Marmot or Shrew or whatever jungle cat its going to be named after.
I thought it was OS Liger... I have a buddy ( a couple of them actually) who work more microsoft and I messed with it at his house like six months ago or so. I d/l one of the later beta releases to see whether I could run Aero/Glass level desktops on my newest computer. and it worked alright, I'm probably going to need a new video card when it comes out, but everything else seems to be cool.
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back from deaddddddd so my MBP got stolen recently and I need a replacement; I don't wanna pay full price, so I've been shopping around for an used one. Used i7quad 2.0 w/ thunderbolt or last gen i7 duo 2.66, 2.8. which one should i buy. I play game occasionally and last years mbp has better framerate than quad 2.0
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Thunderbolt version will still be under warranty, right?
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I'll try to buy one w/ warranty for both.
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Check out the refurbished section on Apple's online store. Full warranty, and you can purchase an extended warranty.
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Got a Macbook Pro 17" to replace my desktop. Love it. I loaded X11 and use a 3-button mouse with it on my desktop. I also run Linux on it using rEFIt. Linux runs better under Fusion, but not as fast as natively. I highly recommend using OpenOffice on Mac OS X.
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Also just replaced my desktop with a MBP 15" W/ Thunderbolt, I run my Dell 30" off it and absolutely love the thing.

I think I've become rather a fan boy, like ex smokers are the biggest anti smokers ex PC guys becaome the biggest apple fan boys
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I have the quad-core 2.0Ghz i7 15.4" - I actually don't really like it as much as I thought I would, but it serves a functional purpose. I probably bought this wrong computer; I need this same bus inside the lighter-weight plastic Macbooks I've used for the past 6 years, LED screen. Without the removable battery I freak out everytime the system freezes, and I feel like I have more failures on this new MBP than I ever did with the old MB's.
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