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Since measured size is about 2" bigger than tag you should be ok taking you're normal size. I sized up 2 in my 3009s but tag = measured in those. Then again I wouldn't risk it if I might not have the opportunity to exchange.

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oh okay. I think ill size up 1 and 31s to account for the shrinking and my small ass 

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Flat Head Denim Jeans Stuff, Japan Denim


Belt, Belt Clip (Key Holder), Feather Pandant (Sterling Silver), Wallet, Hand Swen Cordovan Leather Card Case, TH-CP Cap


Flat Head Raw Denim Jeans S5001, 2015, 3009, K015

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Flat Head Boots horseleather (cordovan) SKB-20H from DC4 Berlin

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Clutch Denim Gallery McCoy Iron Heart Flat Head Pure Blue Samurai
You pay Keyholder in the middle


(my japan Jeans Stuff)

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New Flat Head Shirts, Tees, and Jean & Accessory Restocks

From our favorite Japanese rockabilly rousers we've got a fresh delivery of shirts, tees, wallets, rings, jeans, horsehide jackets, and more.

By now we're sure you've seen the awesome t-shirt/sticker packs that we released with Florian Bertmer.
We've got a lot more from Flat Head to add to the mix.

First up we've received an indigo dyed shirt which has been discharge dyed with a paisley design, this shirt will fade and age over time just like a pair of jeans. We're sure this one is going to go quickly.

Next up is the Flat Head "Glory Park" Kasuri 5-D Acid Trip Short Sleeve. What is happening with the weave pattern of this shirt? We haven't seen a reproduction of the late 50's jacquard or dobby style shirt this crazy, ever.

Flat Head has become known for their Native Check fabrics over the past year or two, woven super slowly, lots of detail, and soft to the touch. They've now done this fabric in a short sleeve shirt and in a color we've never seen before.

We've also received a new "Glory Park" loopwheeled t-shirt with a nice "Speed Shop" design in discharged print. Go faster by wearing this tee.

Along with all these new items we've received a full restock of all Flat Head wallets, rings, bracelets, jeans, blank gray t-shirts, horsehide jackets, Wild Child wallet chains, and more. Everything is available now in-store and online.

Shop Flat Head Online

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New Flat Head Fall/Winter Shirts, Tees, Socks, & More

A super-duper hot shipment of new shirts, tees, socks, and more just showed up from Flat Head.

First up we've got a short sleeve black shirt with a discharge print that is a spaced out paisley pattern. Spaced out as in the pattern is sparse, not spaced out like PJ O'Rourke in the 70's.

The fastest selling shirt we stocked this past spring was Flat Head's indigo dyed linen short sleeve. We now have the long sleeve version of the same shirt so that now you can get them honeycombs with your elbow flexes.

We've also received a full restock of blank Flat Head tees available in three colors. This is our first time stocking the white versions of these tees due to receiving many requests for this color.

Japanese companies are very good at taking the normal and making it so intense that you wonder how you ever lived with the pedestrian version. Flat Head has done with with their new heavy winter merino wool socks, folded in half they sit about three times as high as our next heaviest sock. They're super soft and are sure to last longer than your current socks; these are available now in both navy/black or olive/black striped versions.

Along with these new items we've gotten full restocks of Flat Head's belts, cordovan card cases, Wild Child wallets, and all jean models. Check the online store for spec lists, measurements, and more.

Shop Flat Head Online

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Flat Head Winter Flannel, Dobby Woven Shirts, Raw Denim Jackets, & More

Flat Head has just delivered a few new shirts along with new runs of some items specifically produced for Self Edge.

First up we have a new color of their popular heavy winter flannel, this time in a fresh new wild salmon color mixed with black. The interior is brushed and the fabric was woven on a shuttle loom to give it a unique three dimensional look.

Every season there is a Flat Head shirt which reminds us as to why we regard this company as the best when it comes to fabric development. This season it's the Black Mint Dobby Stripe shirt which was produced on a wood dobby shuttle loom. The amazing detail and colors used create a fabric that's very unique yet easily wearable. This shirt is available in both black or white, each one bringing out a completely different look from the pattern and colors.

Next up we have Flat Head's unsanforized 3XXX denim Type II denim jacket. This is one of the only unsanforized and unwashed denim jackets available anywhere in the world as nearly every Japanese company rinses their jackets before delivery. Every year we have Flat Head make us a special run of these jackets unwashed, this will yield even better fading and aging over time even after rinsed at home. We have some photos of a jacket worn for 2 years down below right after the new image from Rawr Denim.

We've also received full restocks of Flat Head's mid-length wallet in both black and tan, heavy leather belts in black and tan, and all current jeans models.

Check the online store for more info, spec lists, measurements, and high-res photographs.

Shop Flat Head Online


Worn for two years, photos from Rawr Denim:
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Flat Head Down Jackets, Winter Flannels, 3012 and 105BSP Jeans, Wallets, & More

We've just received the last winter shipment of the season from Flat Head and it's full of jackets, shirts, tees, jeans, and leather accessories.

Ever since we started carrying Flat Head seven years ago we wanted to carry their down jackets. They're as good as everything else they do. These jackets are lightweight but super warm with the most luxurious down fill, fabrics, and trim used. We've decided to bring in their newest version this season and they look and feel great. They're available now at SESF, SENY, SEPDX, and in our online store.

We've received three new flannels, all three in new colors for this season in both workshirt and snap button versions. We love that after all these years Flat Head is still experimenting with new color palettes for their flannel patterns.

Flat Head has also done a new run of their sawtooth denim shirt, these come rinsed so no need to soak them before wearing. We've seen some of these worn for years by Flat Head's customers in Japan and they look amazing.

The striped wool blend socks we received in November were a hit and turned some into believers that a sock can change how comfortable your boots or shoes can be. We've received a restock of these socks in both colors.

Due to so many requests we now have Flat Head's heavyweight triple-stitched blank tees in white, we've also received restocks of gray and black.

It's a been a while since we carried a new Flat Head jean model and we're happy to announce that the new 3012 jean will be carried at all Self Edge stores. It's a straight tapered jean made of their 3XXX denim. It has a comfortable top block with a medium rise and then it tapers down to a small-ish leg opening below the knee.

Real Japan Blues has just finished a new run of the 105BSP jean, 60 pairs were made and they're available now at all Self Edge stores and online.

We have finally received a restock of the Wild Child Leather & Cordovan Flat Head wallets, available now in both tan or black versions. These things are amazing in both construction and functionality.

Along with all these items we've received a full restock of all other Flat Head jeans (including women's), horsehide jackets, argyle RJB socks, and a few other things we're not remembering at the moment. Check our online store for measurements, spec lists, and high-res photographs of the new collection.

Shop Flat Head Online

Shop Real Japan Blues Online

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Flat Head Leather & Wool Varsity Jacket, Blank Heavyweight T-Shirts & More

Every year Flat Head produces a varsity jacket in limited numbers, these end up being some of the most collectible Flat Head pieces made. This year they've delivered the toughest looking one yet with black cowhide arms and a black woven wool body with a quilted red rayon liner. All the patches are Flat Head originals and the jacket comes with black anodized buttons and the front hand pockets even have snap enclosures now.

We've also received a full stock of their popular heavyweight t-shirts with triple-stitched collars in both black and white and their new 3012 straight tapered jean in their 14.5oz 3XXX denim.

All these items along with restocks of their heavy merino wool socks, cordovan card cases, all wallets, and rings are available now at all Self Edge stores and in our online store. Check the online store for more info, spec lists, and measurements.

Shop Flat Head Online

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I'm looking for the Flathead 3001. Where can I find them?
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Originally Posted by gqcao View Post

I'm looking for the Flathead 3001. Where can I find them?
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Flat Head Spring Collection of Flannels, Wallets, & More

We've just received this season's first shipment from Flat Head.

Leave it to Flat Head to produce the nicest spring weight flannel shirt ever, available in three colors and perfect for all seasons. They've taken the pattern used on their heavyweight winter flannels and produced a lightweight slack woven flannel that breathes very well and is still soft to the touch without the brushed interior (which reduces breathability).

We're going all in with Flat Head's leather accessories and jackets over this next year, and we've just received their new beautiful horsehide bi-fold wallets. Fully hand sewn in Nagano (Japan) using the best horsehide from Japan's famed Shinki tannery. These wallets will last you a lifetime and will age and darken with regular wear.

We've also received a full restock of leather bracelets, key hooks, all jean models, leather belts, blank t-shirts in white and black, heavy merino socks, and solid leather wallet chains in tan and black.

Shop Flat Head Online

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Hey all,


I purchased these RJB x The Flat Head collab's from the RJB Daikayama store in Tokyo in approx 2010. Hardly worn them but about to start the process as my main denim. 


I cant find out any info about them online. I assume they are unsanforized (as my other the flat head and RJB's are). Anyone know the weight of them out of interest? or any other info and specs? They are DF02 or DFO2?


My main question relates to the hot pre-soak when brand new and before the first wear that I should have done for unsanforized denim. Unfortunately, I have already worn them around 15 times and I didnt pre-soak them first. Is it too late, or should I still pre-soak them?



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Hi all,


I also have this pair of FH purchased from The Flat Head store in Hiroshima (I think?) in around 2010? I obviously haven't worn them yet and the problem with having purchased a few spare pairs around 2010 is that the style has changed and I now prefer a slimmer fit (not skinny but certainly not baggy or wide). 


My question is whether FH would have changed the cut on the 3009 over the years (especially with the change in the arcuate. Notice that the arcuate is the old one). They seem pretty baggy and measure at the leg opening 9.64" (whereas Self Edge state theirs is 9" and Rivet & Hide 8.4"). It seems too much to just be measurement errors/differences.


My other question is how much shrinkage I'll get in the leg opening, knee etc after a hot presoak before I wear them the 1st time? maybe a presoak will make the cut a more modern slimmer fit?







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