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at the Selfedge site, it looks like all flatheads are unsanforized, so your 3001s will shrink when soaked or washed. Do give them a hot soak before wearing them to get the shrinkage over with. This will not ruin the fades, as they will still be very dark and jeans still fade after you soak or wash them.

edit: as to "how to," if you have a bathtub, run the water as hot as it will go, submerge the jeans, weight them down if you have to, leave them there an hour. air dry (I recommend pointing a fan at them if you have to dry them indoors.)
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should I actually go for a size bigger?the one that I have right now do feel little tight at the waist after trying it the 2nd time.Can't imagine if it shrinks later...


I've tried a size bigger but felt that it looks too "spacious" and "baggy" (since it suppose to be slim fit) thats why I took my usual size...

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Flat Head BSP - tag size 34 - about 5 months - 2 soaks
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Flat Head & Real Japan Blues Summer Collections

We've received a new selection of great new summer shirts, tees, and sneakers from Flat Head & Real Japan Blues.

From Flat Head we've gotten in some of their new flatlock tees with contrast colored ribbing, a newly developed red chambray fabric shirt, a wild t-shirt with a collar, a two-button short sleeved henley, and a short sleeve pin-check shirt.
Along with all these new shirts we finally got Flat Head's low-top sneakers, one of the only sneakers we've ever seen which are 100% made in Japan. In addition to the shirts and sneakers we received a full restock of all Flat Head jeans, bracelets, denim jackets, and hoodies.

Real Japan Blues brings us a slew of new shirts including their Windowpane fabric in both gray and black. This shirt was available five years ago and we're glad they've redone it, the fabric is a blend of Hemp and Cotton and feels great on and looks amazing up close. Along with the Windowpane shirt we have a short sleeve shirt in a fabric only RJB can create, making the fabric was a two part process which was very labor intensive, something that not many mills would be willing on doing.
Along with these shirts we've received a full restock of the 106BSP and 103BSP jeans.

All these new items and jean restocks are available now at all three Self Edge stores and in our online store. The Flat Head sneakers are available at SENY only and in our online store. Check the online store for more photos, measurements, full spec lists, and more.

Shop Flat Head Online

Shop Real Japan Blues Online

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Special edition version of Flat Head's popular 3001 jean. Denim has been rope dyed with a mix of natural and synthetic indigo which gives it a unique colour. Slightly lighter shade of blue than most Flat Head denim. Comes with an indigo dyed cotton bag.


More information here: http://tateandyoko.com/1-jeans/276-flat-head-3001-a-slim-straight-mix-indigo-selvedge-denim.html

3001 - slim straight leg with a medium rise.
14.25oz unsanforized selvedge denim (expect 5-8% in shrinkage)
Rope dyed indigo
Deerskin leather patch
Zipper fly
Flat Head arcuates with orange infill thread
Iron rivets and hidden iron (copper plated) rivets
Red selvedge
100% cotton thread

Made in Japan






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Bahzad rocking the Flat Head Frontier Spirit v-veck loopwheeled tee


CAT6zl.jpg CFvEsl.jpg

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That's great!  Must have. 


What is the deal with shrinking on the V-neck?

Also want the Buffalo check.  Shrinkage on those?

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Both vneck and buffalo check shirt have been rinsed once so expect minimal shrinkage.

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Can anybody tell me how much shrinkage I can expect on the inseam of the Flathead BSP's? Thanks in advance.
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Originally Posted by Biff View Post

Can anybody tell me how much shrinkage I can expect on the inseam of the Flathead BSP's? Thanks in advance.

I have been wearing mine for the most parts of 18 months now, though I know it's probably not much help, I'd say Self Edge is pretty accurate stating that it will shrink roughly about 3 inches in the inseam. However, I'd add that it probably took about 3 - 4 washes for me before they shrank a full 3 inches. Hope that helps.
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Flat Head Winter Shirt Collection, T-Shirts, Wallets, & Bracelets

We've got some new Flat Head flannels to warm you up, available in both snap button and work-shirt versions. Along with the new Flat Head flannels we've received this year's version of the Native Check shirt, a shirt made of a fabric woven on a wooden hand powered loom and some loopwheeled t-shirts.

In addition to the new Flat Head shirts and t-shirts we've gotten a restock on some of the more popular shirts they did over the summer and also a full restock of their mid-length wallets, bracelets, key rings, leather wallet chains (in both solid and woven versions), and more.

All these items are available now at all Self Edge stores and in our online store, below is a small sample of the new items we just received. The Heavy Winter Flannels pictured with snap buttons are available as work-shirt versions at SELA.

Shop Flat Head Online

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Flat Head Winter Flannels, 2013 Diamonds & Dots Wabash, & More

One of the most anticipated shirts of the year just showed up. The new updated wabash shirt from Flat Head is so good that they've completely outdone their past versions. The discharge print is now a (random) alternating pattern of dots and diamonds, but so subtle you'd have to see the shirt up close to notice. How they pulled this off is beyond us. Along with the new pattern the buttons are now custom made steel buttons that have been powdercoated off-white. The way the edges of the button curve around towards the back is a work of art.

Along with the new wabash shirt we've received three new Flat Head flannels, all of which are medium to heavy weight fabrics with Flat Head's great patterns. These come in a combination of snap and workshirt versions.

Flat Head has also done this year's version of a zip sweater, this time with an image on the front and back that looks as if it's chainstitch embroidered. The image is actually screened on to the sweater with a special technique that Flat Head has been working on for two years. The print is three-dimensional with massive definition within the image.

Along with these shirts and sweaters we've received a full restock of Flat Head bracelets, mid-length wallets, cordovan card cases, jeans, belts, wallet chains, and more. Check the online store for specs, measurements, and more.

Shop Flat head Online!

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Flat Head Leather & Wool Varsity Jacket, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, & More

With this shipment from Flat Head we have the first of many new releases for this spring and summer.

Flat Head has done a new version of their popular varsity jacket, this time with cowhide leather arms and a rayon quilted liner. This jacket is definitely going to be a future collectible item.

We've also received a new printed loopwheeled t-shirt and a new polo shirt. The tee has a new "Golden Ticket" themed print on the front, back, and sleeve on a black loopwheeled t-shirt. The polo has a great fit with custom buttons and a small "FH" chest embroidery.

Along with these three new items we've received blank loophwheeled tees in both black and gray available in all sizes.

All of these items along with a full restock of all jeans, belts, wallets, key rings, feather rings, and more is available now at all three Self Edge stores and in our online store.

Shop Flat Head Online

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Flat Head Spring Collection, Wild Child Wallets, Horsehide Jackets, & More

We've just received some new spring items from Flat Head along with restocks of some of their more popular items.

First up we've got an indigo rope-dyed cotton linen short sleeve shirt. The fabric on this shirt starts super dark but will fade and age over time like a pair of jeans. The fabric is woven like a linen and breathes extremely well, perfect for warmer weathers.

At Self Edge we love coffee so naturally we knew we had to have this new coffee and Fire-King themed loopwheeled t-shirt. Its a discharge print on a black loopwheeled tee and if you like vintage glassware or coffee you need it.

The leather and cordovan Wild Child wallets are one of the more popular wallets we've carried due to the design and inner layout of the wallet. The materials used are top notch and the wallet ages very well with regular wear. We've now done a black cordovan with black cowhide version that Flat Head has just finished producing. We've also received a small number of the Wild Child wallet chains in tan leather.

When we started carrying the Flat Head horsehide jackets a year ago we underestimated the demand for this style of jacket, we sold out of most sizes within a month and it takes Flat Head almost a year to produce a run. They've just finished the new run, this time they also come with a set of Flat Head patches you can sew onto the jacket (or another jacket) if you'd like.

Along with all these things we've gotten a restock of Flat Head's sterling silver keyhooks, Googies wallets in tan and black, Golden Ticket loopwheeled t-shirts, leather sneakers, and all jean models including the SE05BSP.

Shop Flat Head Online

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completely newb at buying jeans online. Looking to get Flat Heads and I'm a size 30





It shrinks 1.5 and stretches up to 1" so do I get TTS?

What are the measurements on the top of the chart that are in red stand for?


I'm really confused, I don't know what size I should get.

Many thanks appreciated!

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