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Flat Head Denim

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I just received a pair of Flat Head 3001 via the fine services of xcoldricex. The service was superb, shipped from Japan on Thursday and showed up in Pittsburgh on Tuesday; not too bad when you consider it normally takes a package 4 days to get from Cali to Penn.

Anyways, my question concerns anyone who may have either these jeans or a similar type of denim. The waist on the jean fits rather snug. They are labeled a 30" inch waist but are more snug than other jeans i own. The seat and legs are fine though. Normally I would probably take them back and exchange them for a 31, but I can't exactly run across the street and do this. What kind of stretching can I expect from this denim? I know from experience that most nudies and acne's will stretch about an inch in the waist, can I expect the same from these? I do not know if flat head denim is sanforized either, so I wonder if I should soak them initially at all. Thanks a lot for your help, I would search and dig more, but cruising around online is kind of frowned upon at work.

And if I realize I want to switch them out for a larger size, is anyone interested in them?
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they are not sanforized, they will shrink to 30" and then stretch up to 2 inches, depends on how tight they are.

30 is my size, how much do you want for them, shipped to sweden, if you decide that they are the wrong size?
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They will stretch to fit in no time.
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did they shrink yet? they will probably stretch and fit you confortably, I do think.
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if you can button them up now, they'll most likely stretch to a comfortable size. don't worry.
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Thanks guys, I appreciate the quick answers.
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how do you like the cut? I was thinking about getting a pair of those myself.
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pics after you've soaked them, please
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The cut is great as far as I'm concerned , but they're pretty slim. If you get them a size or two larger, they would hang a bit, but they are definitely not as high or as generous a cut as most. My highest and baggiest pants are Nudie RR Greycast and they don't get worn very often for this reason.
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Well.. if they aren't sanforized and they already a bit too tight... you should probably never let them touch water, right?
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Au contraire---one should stretch them on one's person whilst wet. Or shrink in tub whilst wearing.
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i haven't noticed much stretching in a month of wearing my 3001s, but i'll measure them when i get home to be sure. they also shrank less than i expected for not being sanforized (i think i lost an inch in the waist and 2-3 in length after two soaks in very hot water).

the cut is great, but not if you have much in the way of an ass or thighs. the back rise is very short, so if you buy your true size, they can be quite snug through the seat and thighs, even if the waist isn't that tight.
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Are these dry or one wash?
And can you measure the waist before and after the soak?
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mine are tagged 29" and measured 29" (they were dry). after 2 soaks and wear, they have stretched out to just under 30".
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I'm sorry, but I didn't get a chance to measure them before soak. Right now they're hanging and being stretched out every so often. The way I am measuring them is to line up the front and rear waistband and using a tape measure across the width of the jean. Right now they measure 15.5" across or 31" total. I went ahead and measured my Nudie Dry Boot Cut Ola's (tagged 30) the same way and came up with 16.5" (no wash). My unwashed Nudie RR Dry Greycast are measuring in at the same 16.5".
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