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current rotation:

SDA DP-292 and Eternal 811 dominate (80%)
Black-overdyed Sorahiko and LVC 1937 201s (10%)
other stuff (10%)
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at the moment...

apc ns (27) - 50%
apc ns (28) - 10%
nudie slim jim dry black - 20%
nudie bootcut ola dry - 5%
r&b RB6 black - 15%
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samauri black - 50%
SDA 103's - 35%
somet - 15%
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Right now...

Levi's 569
Levis 527
Levis 517
American Eagle low loose boot
Uniqlo shuttle denim selvege
Abercrombie and Fitch Chugger Boot (before the got out of control with the destroyed jeans)
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my okinawas get full play through out the year. im still undecided on what im getting next. hooray for sugarcanes.
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Current rotation: Two pairs of Uniqlo greenline Selvedge. I'm interested to see what I can get out of them when I finally do cave and wash. Occasional pair of LVC 33's and LVC 37's. Long term projects. NO rushing. Sidelined: PRPS unwashed purple selvedge. Great material shame about everything else. Still deciding what to do about them. Thinking Reconstructive surgery. Forecast: Chatuchak Thai fakes.
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APC Rescues (50%)
Lee 101b Europe (50%)
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My FAVs during the summer:

RRDS (70% of the time and still my favorite)
Sugarcane 1947 (30% of the time). My new LVC47(501xx) will replace the SC1947 untill winter starts (They feel lighter than the SCs and they're slimmer).

I also have:
APC Rescue (Formal Jeans), PBJ XX-003 (Another future winter project).

Wish list:

1) 45RPM Sorahiko.
2) The new limited edition RRDS "Made In Japan" (If the fabric will be Sugarcane1947 like).
3) A pair of LHT D'artisans (SD003 or SD001).

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currently: apc ns apc new cures-new jil sander slim selvedge-from last week sisley skinny selvedge lee 101z(asia) levi's 501 stf levi's rigid 511 and 514 viktor jeans
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I really am a 'one pair of jeans' man as of right now.

I have my SC 1947's, and aside from that, I have worn another pair of jeans only once since I got them (it was summer so I sometimes went with bermuda). I only have some Buffalos and BR.

I should receive some 5EP straight cut dark worn next week though. Later on I'll probably look for some RB or APC NS.
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Current fav pair of jeans are my LVC 47s. I recently lost about an inch in my waistline and was able to shrink them down to 30X32 so that they fit. I absolutely love the fit and feel of these jeans. Basic.

In rotation right now are my jeans shops 4/7 of the week and my 47s 3/7 of the week. I will start on my S0505s sammies soon though. I don't know exactly when, but I am digging the slim fit of these 47s. I feel like Brando in them. I'll feel more like brando when I get the Frye brando lace boots in cognac.
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5EP Low Down Boot about 70% of the time.
The remainder is split between Nudie Slim Jim Black Dry and APC Cures/NS.
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either julian red nikkis or
skinny "cheapo apc" gap get worn daily
vintage levis 501xx -about once a week
h&m sliqs-knockaround jeans
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right now:
apc new standard - 20%
nudie straight sven - 20%
imperial dukes - 20%
nom de guerre gray - 10%
dior 19 cm - 5%
45 rpm sorahiko's - 20%
eternal 811 - 5%

yes, i have too many jeans!

actually looking to sell the eternals.
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Tsubi dee dee's and Lee Lo Rise L2's!
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