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Wedding suit

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I'm getting married next year and looking at what outfit I can get.

The theme color is sage and my bride will be in white, well just off-white.

I've got a best man but no more in the party, so it'll be easy to have suits made effectively the same, and I'm certainly not wanting to hire anything.

It's a winter wedding in Sydney, Australia and will be a lunch time affair.

I've never been a fan of flat colors. so I'm thinking a dark grey or charcoal suit, but not sure about any patterning. Chalkstripes will be OTT IMHO, so perhaps a nice pin in white, or if I can find it, sage. Otherwise, a self-stripe I think. As much as I love windowpanes and the like, I don't think they're appropriate.

The rest of the outfit will be a white shirt and tie in sage as the dominant color. Perhaps something like this but in the right color (Incidently I'm wearing this today.)

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I like that tie! I have a weakness for florals and that is a nice one. Pinstripes seem to be usually connected to work (especially banking?) so maybe they would need to be very subtle.
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I'd suggest something like a charcoal morning suit with either the striped pants or matching colour. Before anyone lynches me, I've seen it done very tastefully with a contrasting colour vest, normal tie, and regular collar white shirt with double cuffs. EDIT: Example picture of my friend.
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That's the problem with pinstripes, and whilst I work in the finance industry (albeit marketing), I've got 4 suits of varying stripe in my wardrobe - yes, it does look to much like a work suit, so perhaps it's something I should avoid. A self stripe may work though.

Love the mourning suit, but it's a tad too formal for what I want. Interestingly though, the colorings in that shot are close to what I'm thinking.

I guess I'll need to have a look at the swatch books and see what I can find.
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Yeah, it's strange that you said sage tie when I wasn't even thinking of that when I posted this picture. Leo is a pretty well dressed guy for special occasions, so I just found his example of wearing a morning suit pretty good. Originally this picture had his two cousins off to the side, but I don't know how they'd take to being broadcasted on a forum with some crusty old gits talking about style. :-P
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Originally Posted by Jovan
EDIT: Example picture of my friend.[/IMG]
Monkstraps with a morning suit?
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Originally Posted by royal618

Perhaps something like this but in the right color (Incidently I'm wearing this today.)


For my taste, that tie is a tad dainty for day-to-day/business wear, but it could be fantastic for a semi-formal wedding.
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Originally Posted by Étienne
Monkstraps with a morning suit?

Why not? Certainly, he "ought" to be wearing bals, but to my eye a monk can be both more or less formal than a derby. In this context, I think it works.

Would it work for black-tie? No. But with a dressy DB or peak-lapel SB pinstripe, I'd say yes. Particularly if there is no brouging.
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LOVE the tie. Where did you get it? Perfect for a semi-formal wedding. If I can find one, I may wear it to my own.

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