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Favorite Tie designs with shirts

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What are your favorite tie designs? Do you like geometric, abstract, rep, paisley, ect. What designs do you mostly wear with your favorite shirts?
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Anyone care to coment. I'm sure people where ties here.
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I'm a sucker for dots. Repp is good too. Paisleys are cool but I only like them with white shirts in a somewhat casual setting.
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Thats the thing, when I wear Abstract ties I can only wear them with plain shirts. With Abstract I like Robert Daskall otherwise I like Robert Talbot with patterned shirts.
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Abstract / geometric.
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My two favorite too. With geometric you can incorporate some subtle patterns in your shirt. If you had subtle patterns with a geo tie, is it best to leave a plain jacket or suit? Most of the time I would think so.
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Solids, spots, Hermes and Charvet prints, the paisleys Dries Van Noten did a couple seasons ago. I only have five or six stripes I like.
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I have a Herme tie with elephants on it.
I didn't like it at first, but wore it one day and chicks dug it. Now it's my favorite tie. I guess chicks like elephants.
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I'm in a rut with stripes, so I'm trying to diversify with more geometrics and abstracts. I need a few "fun" ties.
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Almost anything other than paisleys, stripes or animals. If you want to give me a heart attack, just show me a tie with all three.
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Anything and everything from www.carlofranco.com, www.fourinhand.com, and www.mulberrywood.com. Umm, and nothing else. Love you guys!
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I'll be perhaps one of the few here to champion the paisley. I love all colors and patterns, but can't handle the theme ties. One of my favorite combos: orange shirt, hot pink geometric tie w/ brown pinstripe suit. Toxic to most but i love it. I also think its pretty hard to beat a dark pinstripe / chalkstripe with a dot tie.
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