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Upset with Asprey

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Back in January I ordered EGs from Asprey in NYC on sale. They could not provide me with an exact description, but referenced shoes that were online as a "near identical" pair. I asked for the differences to be described to me in detail. They sounded satisfactory and so I placed the order. The pair that arrived were materially different from the ones on the web site, and from the description, and did not work out for me. I promptly returned them with a letter dated January 20th.

The credit was not processed and after some delay I called Asprey and spoke with a gentleman in men's furnishings about the return. They had not called me -- I had to call them. This man told me that they would not accept this return as the shoe was part of an "all sales final" event.

Before I had purchased the shoes I specifically asked the sales lady with whom I was speaking on the phone if they could be returned. She said yes. I am reluctant to buy shoes (even EGs) sight unseen and fit unknown and this was a decisive factor in my purchase.

After a back and forth where the salesman violated both the rules of good business and civility by essentially calling me a liar (all the while never bothering to enquire as to with whom I spoke when I ordered the shoes and to ask her what she said) for suggesting they could be returned. This was both mystifying and annoying, particularly given the fact that the shoes were exactly as purchased -- they were tried on only on carpet and had no scuffing, and I had taken the time to pack them impeccably for return. However, I was insistent and firm. In the end, a refund was promised, but with a delay.

At that point I should have (but did not) contact my credit card company to dispute the charge. Because the company agent promised the refund I did not feel there was actually anything in dispute. I also took this luxury goods maker at the word of its agent when they said a refund would be processed.

Well, come today -- some four months after the initial purchase -- and the credit has not been received.

With Asprey's financial troubles, I'm not certain that it will be. I'm awaiting a return call but this does not bode well and I for one would recommend (neigh encourage) against purchasing anything online from Asprey at present if you believe under any circumstances you may wish to return it via mail.
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next time, just sell the EG's here or on ebay. especially when clearance items are involved - even if a salesman promises to let you return them. that's what i do when i buy shoes that don't fit. assuming the discount was more than 50%, you would have probably broke even.
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So, what? they were just going to keep the shoes AND your money? What a bunch of whackos. At least least call and let you know what's up.

Ditto NoVaguy, if you had put them on here first at what you paid, someone would probably have taken them.
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Well, this looks like it was resolved today. Apparently, it was just stuck in the managerial loop somewhere.

I spoke with the same sales manager with whom I had previously spoken (the fellow who was less than civil) and this time he was ... gracious. Wrong side of the bed previously? Who knows. Regardless, I should get a credit in a few days.
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Nice - good to hear.
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