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Barker Black Spectator photos

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I just got my first pair of Barker Black Spectators in black & ivory (special ordered due to my "EE" wide foot). There seem to be some mixed feelings about the brand on SF, so I figured I'd post some detail pics. After a day's wear, I find them to be comfortable. At first the toplines were a little hard, but after a couple of hours they softened up. I have a pair of "regular" Barkers as well. The materials and workmanship of the Blacks exceeds them. And of course, the details are fun. The memento mori are well-done and not over-the-top, but even the aglets on the laces reflect a real attention to detail. They also make a great "attention whore" shoe. I have several AEs, Churchs, and Lobbs and this pair got more compliments in one day than I've accumulated this year on the others. Sorry, no oriental rug; just this cool old chest:
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gorgeous shoes! I have always liked wingtips and spectators the most.
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Good to see that the skull & crossbones medallion is not as gauche in reality as it sounds. Not bad Edit: That is ivory? Looks white on my monitor unfortunately
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ooh, me rikey...! How much these run, the usual $700 range?

the only thing I'd want different is the skull brogueing to not all be the same sized holes...obviously it'd have to be done right for it not to be lame, but I can see it in my head.
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I have a pair of Barker Blacks as well - I like these.
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Thankfully they're subtle.

I ordered them in March. Imagine my horror when I saw skulls & crossbones everywhere in April, everywhere from Hot Topic to Urban Outfitters.

Anyway, here are photos taken in natural light (no tripod); the flash washed out the suede in the earlier pics.

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Very nice. I probably would have gone with a chocolate or dark oak type color rather than black, but hey--they ain't my shoes. Enjoy!

And make sure you have them ready for July 7.
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Thanks, all. Actually, I have a brown pair coming, assured there will be photos!
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They Are Awesome!!
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Are they, Barker Black, going for the memento mori?
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I really like. I'm hoping to pick up a pair this weekend when Saks begins their sale.

Question: How do you feel they are in terms on quality compared to your other brands (greens, lobb, etc...)

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I like these -- very cool shoes.
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Excellent! I like the idea, especially on spectators.
Good to see what looks like almost suede on the vamp.
I've had my AE Broadstreets for years and love them.
Nice shoes.
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Are the brown spectators special order?
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Excellent. My dream shoes.

Are wingtips currently enjoying a vogue? I really want some black and white ones, like the ones posted here, but I don't want to be wearing them if they are hugely popular. I know that's stupid, but I'm just that way.
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