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I'm definitely going to swing by the showroom the next time I am in Richmond. Gotta support my fellow Louisianian's entrepreneurial effort.
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Originally Posted by sjg22 View Post
I feel like calling their normal shirts the "Owner of the Means of Production" doesn't quite have the same zing (or, the same accuracy in terms of who is truly buying these shirts). The vast majority of people are "workers", even if they think they're not. Even if you're the CEO of Exxon, you're still technically a salaried worker (and the board can still turf your a**).

I agree, unacceptable!
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Apologies for the delayed response. We just opened last week and have been running around trying to keep the train on the tracks here. But, so far we have been pleased with a positive response.

As for the shirts, all are Fabrics are Italian, 100s, 120s, sourced from some of the big name mills there. Buttons are all natural mother of pearl. Production is European based (becoming a rarity in the business)

Of course, I'm a little bias, but I think we are making a great shirt Although our shirts are not inexpensive, I think the quality for price is going to be difficult to find anywhere else in the market.

But, I encourage you to have a look for yourself. Would be great to get some feedback. We have free returns/exchanges (prepaid postage included) and you have up to a year to return your purchase if needed, no questions asked.

Thanks for the interest,

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Richmond, did you every visit their shop? Has anyone tried these shirts? Just curious because I want to order a few for summer.
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My wife got me the red gingham button down for my birthday a few weeks ago. I like it, the cotton is very light and soft, but the "slim fit" isn't quite slim enough for me. I'd probably buy a few more.
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Great to hear...I'm waiting for their spring/summer shirts to come out. Do you wash/iron them at home or take them to the cleaners? I'm done with taking shirts to the cleaners. Are they difficult to take care of?
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"we acquired a healthy addiction for the tailoring of Saville Row"


For all I know you make the finest MTM shirts at that price ever in the history of the universe.

But I am instinctively sceptical of (a) MTM firms that make vague claims of association with or inspiration from places like the Row, (b) advertising copy that misspells SAVILE Row. It reeks of Mr Raja Daswani.
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FYI: Ledbury is offering $50 off right now.  I own a few shirts by them, and I love them.  However, get slim fit, not regular (regular would only fit fat people).  Best, -Daniel


Use this link to get the $50 off

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addendum: They are offering $150 for $75 as a promotion . . . 

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