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Carbon Sale

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We really don't like shills here.
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You guys are being really stupid you know, you probably could have posted your sale legitimately and gotten some traffic. As it is, I will probably just delete any reference to your site from now on, because you were dishonest and I can't stand that.
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Yup. Be a contributing member (as Mauro has been for a while) and we are more than happy to provide a place for you to get some traffic. Be an asshole, and spam, and well, fuck you.
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I believe this person alienated themselves on AAAC too.. way to lose customer-base in possibly two of the best places for self-promotion.
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Blast it, late to the party! I did not get to post a picture of Hormel's #1 product, super fantastic new meat product kung fu action all natural SPAM! It is true though, they could have made a lot of sales here if they acted better.
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