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45RPM Aihikos

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I'm looking to get a pair of these (deadstock, I know they're discontinued), but I've read some disparaging remarks about the fit.

How do these jeans fit?
How slim?
Are they a true straight leg?

If anyone owns a pair, can you give me the dimensions of yours? (f&R rise, thigh, knee, hem)

Thanks a lot
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I have a pair in 28 - true to size actual waist 28 too. They fit like a levis 501 - relaxed in the seat and thigh, straight cut I feel they are a mildly wider knee down. WIll try and get you actual sising later, wearing them now.
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Thanks Haresh

I'm really hoping I can manage to get these... as soon as I'm assured on the sizing, I"m pulling the trigger on them.
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i tried on a 32, i'm a 32. fit is close to the sorahiko cut, if not the same.
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So are they pretty much just sorahikos with natural indigo?
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maybe a tad bit slimmer- but i'm comparing them to my worn/stretched out sorahiko's. not nearly as slim as the jomon's though.
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Could you give me the measures on your Sorahikos then?

(I know I"m being picky, but it's $500 on a pair of jeans)
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bottom leg opening (laid flat) - 8.75" knee width 9.25" rise 11" keep in mind these have been worn for about a year on and off (maybe actually 5-6 mo. of not very hard wear) and they've stretched out a bit- haven't washed them yet.
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Do you ahve the thigh width? I'm going to get them, now I just need to decide if I should go 33.
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not sure where the standard is to measure that. but about 2in. down from the crotch, measured across - 11.25"
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