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Adjusting a belt.

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Dear all, I recently bought a new Alfred Dunhill belt. Apparently this was the last one of that design, and the size was not appropriate. Now the buckle itself does not adjust but there is a way to wear it with punching an extra hole. Is there a way to punch an extra hole in the belt? Thank you.
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How is the buckle attached? I've made belts with rivets, it's possible to drill out the rivet and re-attach the buckle, but really, it's ten times easier to just punch a new hole. There's a tool specifically made for the job (a leather punch ), should be available at any Home Depot.
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Label King: Take the belt to a professional. Try to find a good shoe repair shop or a tailor that specializes in leather. The best way is to shorten the belt from the buckle attachment end. Even if you have to add a hole, I'd rather have a professional punch it, they have the right tools and hopefully some experience. It should cost between $5 and 15. andy
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