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APC Hipster Jeans

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Hello Guys

Of the guys out there. Who are wearing them. What do you think about them. I just bought a pair. They fit me pretty well. I am a slim guy. It's not a real tight fit for me. I don't consider them women jeans.

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I have a pair. They fit really low, the pockets are also very small and the right one is nearly unusable as it's really hard to stick your hand into it. I think they're definitely women's jeans. Not that that deters me from wearing them. Brian SD also has a pair.
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my hipsters are in rotation with my rrds and ssds and i'm wearing them right now. the legs are just right for me. i really like the low rise; that was one of the best features about skinners until i started to prefer straighter cuts. although, the pockets are too small. I just keep my cell in the left pocket and let my keys hang off the coin pocket
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I love mine, after the initial soak I put them on damp to stretch them a little, and balled my hands up in the pocket openings making them actually useful. I can actually get my phone in and out of my right pocket (as long as I am standing up and I dont have a zippo in the coin pocket).
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Too tight on my nuts. I cant wear em.
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just got 2 hipsters in the mail thanks to denimbar... unfortunately one of them is the older (i'm assuming since it's made in tunisia as opposed to macau) model and only has 3 buttons. hopefully i'll get over it.

will the length shrink? i've read the epic apc thread on superfuture and some have said the length shrank 1-2inches from a soak and some say they didn't shrink at all because they're sanforized. i probably will never throw them in the dryer...
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Concerning APCs in general, perhaps if data could be collected concerning the amount of shrinkage from a cold soak, and the manufacturing location, a connection could be found? Such as, tunisias would shrink 1-2 inches, and macau not at all?

Or maybe APC knows this sort of thing if you talk to them by phone? Just tossing out some ideas here
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Mine are from Macau and shrank just under 2" with a "cold" soak (cold water isnt very cold in FL)
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2" in the length, correct? Waist should shrink 1/4" or so.
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ah thanks. i guess it would be a good idea to give mine a soak then.
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Originally Posted by Brian SD
2" in the length, correct? Waist should shrink 1/4" or so.

oops, yeah 2" in length, the waist didnt shrink any noticeable amount.
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