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Plonge Leather?

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I was looking at a leather jacket that made from something called "Plonge" leather? Anybody know what "plonge" means and what it adds (or subtracts) to a leather jacket?
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If im not mistaken, it means soft calfskin leather.
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It's plumped calf or lamb. There's a froggy thingy levitated over the 'e', plonnzhey or plonnzh. How? I think Hermie's injects Botox.
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who has detailed knowledge on this?
All I can find in the internet that plonge leather indicates, that its exklusive lamb. Can Plonge leather also be calfskin or only lamb?
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Plonge leather is a fully aniline drum dyed lambskin. Only blemish free skins are dyed in this way & the result is an incredibly soft handle leather with rich colours.

In terms of a leather jacket, expect it to be very supple with a lustrous sheen. The leather is prone to marking more easily than say a regular calfskin jacket, but this often adds to it's patina.

Hope that answers it.
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Ok thank you, so a plonge leather jacket is definitely not calfskin but lambskin? Sorry for asking again, but I wanted to buy a leather jacket and in the shop on the tag of the jacket it was clearly wirtten "Calfskin leather Jacket" and in the online shop in the description of the exact same jacket its written "Plongeleather Jacket"?
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Genuine Plonge leather is inherently lamb skin.

If you like the jacket, I suggest you buy it.
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