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A fantasy wardrobe.

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I thought this might be a topic that could be revived as there a lot more new members, and some who don;t come anymore unfortunately. The subject is of course if you could buy anything in the following categories what would they be? *Credits to Mitch D for his topic of which I have copied. Dress shirt Bespoke Charvet with double cuffs, and a nice spread collar in a robin's blue from their archives perhaps. Necktie A woven Stefano Ricci in a bold patter. Perhaps an odd Gaultier tie also. Accessories A pair of Cartier cufflinks in rubies, and diamonds in yellow gold in the stirrup design. Also a limited edition Montegrappa fountain pen; anyone will do. An English umbrella from that store of which I forgot the name(a very bad website). Pocket squares in every pattern, and colour from Etro. Various rings from Cartier, and Van Cleefs. Braces in silk from Turnball. Wallet from Goyard Paris. Hats from James Lock and Sons. Shoes (one pair dress,one casual) Dress- Bespoke Berlutis in their "moonshined" black Casual- Berluti again from their Espirit de la Couture collection Wristwatch A set of Patek Philippes made to celebrate the year 2000 currently being put at auction at Christies. They are rectangular with 10 day power reserves. Casual shirt A Kiton spread collar in a light mossy green with double cuffs. Sweater A slim sweater from Avon Celli or perhaps Loro Piana Coat A long slim coat with silver buttons, and a somewhat large lapel in black cashmere with a vent in the back. Of course with nipped waist, and slant pockets. Miscellaneous (Anything else I may have missed) A luggage set consisting of trunks, and every concievable item from Louis Vuitton, and Goyard de Paris. A vintage Rolls Royce, Isotta Frachini(sp), Ferrari, and Hispanio-Suiza(sp). Walking sticks from pre-revolutionary France to Swinging London in gold, silver, vermeil, and every other material. Stick pins from all the eras from Cartier, and Van Cleefs. Tuxedo from Hardy Amies in peak lapel db, and in black. Also a white tie ensemble from Knize. What is your dream wardrobe?
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Rocket Jetpack Invisibility Sunglasses Those glasses that shoot people with laser like the guy on x-men Clothes made of money. I could rip it apart later to get at the bills Solid gold shirt. I can melt it down to get the gold.
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I want X-ray glasses. Also, a three-piece suit (maker not important, but Kiton is good) with women-attracting hyper-pheromone power. Jeans that would instantly give me Brad Pitt physique and Royce Gracie plus Bruce Lee's butt stomping abilities would be nice too. Well, while we're at it, I'd like a watch which would allow me to make work meetings over in an instance. Failing that, I'll take the clothes made of money too.
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Aww, you guys took all mine. Wait, wait, how about those self-adjusting shoes from 'Back to the Future 2'? Those were pretty cool - plus, I hear high-tops are coming back... Failing that, a full ninja outfit. Made entirely of money.
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