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Won these on Ebay - Are the C&J?

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Probably should have asked this before bidding - but for $168 I figure they are pretty much a steal either way.

What do you think?
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I believe they are C&J
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They are C&J

FYI, they run quite long... and are stocked in the Rhinelander mansion if you are interested. Think 337 long and narrow, though the last is a bit different. I believe its a bit slimmer through the quarters.

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WHAT?! I wanted these... in size 11.5... they went for 335$!!!!
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I got the same ones for $200 earlier this year, I love them. The sizing ran true for me.
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I was pretty shocked to win the auction - My bid went in about 5 hours before auction end for $201. I was shocked to check my email this evening to see that I had won them for $168.

I bought a pair of C&Js (from the store at T&A in NYC) at full retail of $475 earlier this year. Those were 9.5Es - hopefully these 10s fit me just right.
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Yeah, congratulations. Those are old stock Polo by C&J handgrades. I got two pairs of those last year in the Rodeo Drive store for $180 each plus tax.
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Very nice, indeed. Well done.
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So you would say that these "handgrade" CJ for Polo run narrow relative to a US "D" width?
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I ran across this thread on AAAC that states that Polo has switched from C&J to Sanders:

Any comments? I had been assuming that they were C&J, but this thread put a bit of doubt into my head.
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i think they're c&j. look at the medallion. there is certainly nothing in that thread to suggest that they're made by sanders except the supposition of one person who has never tried them one. Notice the similarity of the flaps on these bluchers ------------------------- Sanders and Sanders
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Here are some pictures of the Polo Chawner v. the C&J Weymouth. There are a lot of similarities. (I took multiple pictures to compensate for differences in the position of the shoes).

I'm still not sure if the insides are comparable, but I do think these Polo was made by C&J. The toe profile and the sweep of the vamp appear to have slight differences, but I'm not sure if that's a manufacturing or last difference. I'll need a third shoe to check that.

btw - dare - the issue, iirc, has never been whether the stitched aloft shoes (such as the Darlton/Marlowe) made in England shoes were C&J. Everybody agrees with that. the issue and question was whether the newer, channelled lines were C&J, and were handgrades on the 337.
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no, the carlsons are some italian made shoe. --- novaguy, but what about the suede derby with channeled soles above? the same medallion seems pretty suggestive me that the channeled shoes are c&j. anyway, still a good deal I think even if they aren't.
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