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RLPL Summer Cotton

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Please weigh in on the RLPL summer cotton pants & jacket offerings:

Well cut jackets with flat front pants. I plan to wear them as summer suits with the option to wear the jackets with jeans - though they are only 2 button.

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Can't make any substantial comment except that both look very sharp and I surely would don them without any hestiation.
Pretty youthful and maybe a bit dandified yet very cool.

Hope they're not pinned in the back that would destroy them in reality...
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They look nice, it's just the pricing of RLPL that kills me...
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Your paying for the name
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Summer suits worn to work? Considering details such as the lapels and ticket pockets, they might not be conservative enough for that. Also, to wear them it helps to look like the man pictured.
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My local Marshalls had a cream-colored, herringbone weave jacket very much like those pictured, in my size. Extreme waist suppression and peak lapels mean it would look sharp in the right social situation, but make it too fashion-forward for me to justify the expense right now ($300), so I passed.
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I received the RLPL cotton sportcoats & pants, purchased at 50% off. They come to about $800 each for the jacket & pants - not cheap and I agree to an extent you pay for the name - but also the quality.

The fit is amazing, the cotton has a small about of stretch to both enhance fit and prevent wrinkles common in cotton summer suiting.

Details like the ticket pocket, peak lapels and side vents combined with flat front pants work really well with a simple white dress shirt and no tie. For me, in sales, this is an ideal summer wardrobe - looks cool, has style...

End of the day, could I have purchased summer poplin at Brooks for $300? YES.

Anyone else indulge?
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I don't want to spam this , but if you can wait for about 5 days I will have a few of these in purple label for around 150 each. NWT.

Please forgive me for posting this here , hope it helps.

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I am a 44R - thanks!
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It looks like 2 in 44R and 1 in 38R, the 44R's are double breasted and regular 3 button and the 38r looks like 3 button. Just email me so I am not wasting any ones time on this thread.
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40r perhaps?
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2 40R's and a long
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I apologize , I was only able to get 42's , 44's, or 46's. Go over to the sale side of this forum for the links.

To make up the sizing mistake please let me know asap after purchase and I will credit you shipping.
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took a look, white linen is not my thing. thanks for the heads up on this.
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