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White linen pocket squares

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Does anyone know where to find the aforementioned, what brand to buy, and a price range? I coness to owning quite a few silks, bu heretofore no linen. Thank You
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I have a bunch I just got from ebay. All white Irish linen, either hand-rolled or hemstitched, quite inexpensive. I have had no luck finding them in stores.
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Although I did not buy them, I recall seeing white Irish linen pocket squares at the Nordstrom on Market Street in San Francisco about a year and a half to two years ago. My recollection is that they were Nordstrom's own brand, or possibly a name that I had never heard before. I have only silk squares, and only stumbled upon those while looking for others, so I don't remember much more.
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Hey Guys: Thanks,
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I knew I found a good online store with some. Here is the link. They have a lot of good stuff at this store. Not inexpensive though, by any stretch of the imagination.
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Thanks for the link to Ben Silver. It is more than just a source of pocket squares. It is added to my favorites.
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While you're on the topic, whats the general rule for pocket squares and are there situations where you should or shouldn't wear one with a suit?
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The word is discreet. A "suggestion" of a pocket square is all that is needed. (Note Brian Williams on the nightly MSNBC news broadcast.) The classic linen square with the folded peaks works with everything. A plumped silk square (that accentuates or compliments or contrasts, not copies, the tie) should peek out of the pocket. Most good men's stores have brochures how to fold etc.... There is never a situation where a pocket square could not be used. (Well.... maybe if you are wearing a blazer with jeans.)
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I agree with clarinet player. I wear them all the time. However, went to a funeral today, and didn't- guess that'd be a stretch. Thanks, guys, for the Ben Silver link, and the suggestion of Nordstrom. I stopped by a different one in The Bay Area today, and they had nice ones for around $15.00.
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