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The dirty bucks -

What exactly do you mean by big?

Too long, too wide, half a size big, full size big?

Thank you.
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Originally Posted by imightbechad View Post
How about the thigh, knee, and leg opening?

I have massive thighs and these hid them nicely while still giving a nice appearance. The leg opening was big enough to look good with my Jordan 3's but small snough so if i slipped on a pair of casual dress shoes it'd still look appropriate .
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^thanks for the description chinos might be pending payment today.... The Bucks fit a full size big at least. They are comparable to a 10.5 in Vans or Quoddy.
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Chinos gone!
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Indeed - chinos are sold. The bucks, G9, cap and sweater with no pics are still up for grabs. These busy and G9 are really great pieces for really good prices.You can't argue it, it's science.
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interested in the yuketens if they're still available!
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Yup, they are. Only the chinos are sold as of now. thx
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Hello, I'm buying the shoes, if jasonross hasn't done it yet; also I live in France (as for shipping), and am willing to pay via paypal. Please pm me the infos
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still up for sale - all but chinos. waiting for payments...
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Yuketen Bucks SOLD Baracuta G9 Made in England still available. Accepting reasonable offers.
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Just the Surface 2 air sweater with no pictures and the Baracuta jacket left. The jacket is a good deal - retails for £150
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New thread......
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