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Best-Looking AE with a Rubber Sole?

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The harsh elements of winter are upon us. I've decided that I need to add at least one pair of rubber-soled shoes to my professional wardrobe. What's the best-looking (or least-ugly) rubber-soled Allen Edmonds shoe? I'll be wearing the shoes with business casual outfits (slacks and a button-down).

I'm leaning towards something from the newer "Executive Collection" (maybe the Presidio or Sutter?) Any thoughts on these models or any of the others? (I'd be getting the shoes in Burgundy... unfortunately neither is offered in dark brown).



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I have, and like the Easton. They have a commando sole, though, so they are definitely on the casual side of things. Not sure if the color options would work for you though.
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Some of the classics offered with a genuine Dainite sole. I always liked that option.
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I'm very fond of the AE Ashton in black.
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OP, what a coincidence! I just started a thread soliciting opinions about the Sutter for precisely the same reasons you're interested in it. I'll be following this thread closely to see if anyone has any opinions.
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Ashton in chili
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Originally Posted by JLibourel View Post
Ashton in chili

+1 on this. I have a pair myself. Recraftable too.
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I've been looking for a cheap Globetrotter for some time for rainy day wear
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The Van Ness is my favorite. They are $227 with code SHOP from You can also try for 15% Bing cashback but there is no guarantee that they will work together.
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