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I would love to meet Vaclav in real life. I'm betting I know him through one or two degrees of separation.

and hopefully my book will arrive from amazon soon. I'm almost tempted to just buy a copy at Borders today.
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The book is out but where has the man himself been? Jetting around with a certain mogul perhaps?
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Originally Posted by m@T
yeah i agree, none of them have the sack to walk up to him and say "im that guy that torments you on the web" - theyll skulk around in the corners, then show up at FNB gloating about some crap they spotted.

Who torments him on the web? Also, some of the "crap spotted" has already begun to surface on

Anyone is free to plug or discuss his book on too, including the author, including you. Its not like Ive banned anyone...well maybe Tommy Cheese a dozen times.

Anyway, if what you are saying that certain people are overly protected and that they cannot endure any criticism of their work because they are hammered into corners by the harsh tyranny of other MBs, then I understand what youre saying.

As far as talking about his book on my MB, people are going to talk about it responsibly. They may not agree with what he writes, they may love it but the discussion will be handled with the maturity and excitement an event like this deserves. I cant always be there the moment someone writes something petty but Ill be making sure it doesnt get personal.

I will not tolerate negative comments without considered reasoning for their utterance. There is no institutional bent against the author of the Suit on my website. Quite the contrary, I am hoping it is enjoyable...and I have every expectaion that it will be.

I picked up a copy at Barnes and Noble yesterday. I found it only because the reference desk person was kind enough to keep searching for it. I saw that it was nestled amongst about 100 women's books. Harper Collins needs to get this book out of "Beauty and Grooming" and into "Business" if Men are going to notice it.
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Originally Posted by Film_Noir_Buff
I will not tolerate negative comments without considered reasoning for their utterance.

Yes, the myriad of cheap shots thrown at Alexander Kabbaz in your forums is certainly proof of that.

At any rate, I will be reviewing Manton's work and I await with eagerness my copy.
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To Vintage Gent: The book has an extensive bibliography and a bunch of notes so if Manton wrote anything inaccurate I wouldn't know enough to contest.
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Bought it at a bookstore yesterday and read about halfway through.

The Prince-style writing is a delight.

I love the frontal assault on the three-button suit (please, Jimmy Kimmel, read this!).

Without illustrations, it is difficult for a novice like me to fully understand the discussions of drape and a couple of the more visually-intensive items. They will be easy for most of you to understand.
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Finally got around to ordering the book last night. I'm eagerly awaiting my copy. (I kept tellling myself to pre-order. )
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Is there a sample chapter available anywhere on the net?
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There are some early versions of chapters that Manton has linked before. I'm sure someone will provide them shortly.
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Originally Posted by Octoploid
Is there a sample chapter available anywhere on the net?

Short part on the HarperColilns website:
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Looks like the book is doing well. I went to the B&N near me and asked the guy for "The Suit". The guy looked shocked and asked me if there were a NYTimes review or something. They have had several calls since Mon night about the book.
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That's great news.
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I want a coloring book... Steve? Can you hook that up?

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No offense to the author but what purpose does a book about clothes/suits serve if there are no examples/pictures? Is this book more of a historical perspective on these matters or is it more of a "how-to" a al Flusser? Don't see how the publisher expects this to sell well outside of us forum nerds without the requisite photography. I couldn't imagine reading a book about architecture and not have pictures of buildings.
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