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Help with tie for shirt pattern

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I was thinking solid navy?

Other suggestinos?
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It is a bit hard to make an exact recommendation without some knowledge of the pattern size.

Try a navy or burgandy background with small dots in a color that goes with the suit or pocket square.

Wide stripes with medium or small panes will also work well.
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Had something similar with panes about 1/2" by 1/2". Always enjoyed wearing it with a navy rep with 1/4" white stripes space about 1 1/2" apart. Worked well with suits in the mid gray range, solid or striped; also with solid olive and tan suits. With any of these combinations, always gravitated toward a stewart plaid pocket square with red ground and blue/green/yellow/white/black overplaid.
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Navy pin-dot; goes with everything.
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Solid navy will of course work. Many solids will work too. What are the colorings of the suits you will wear? ...and how bold do you like to be?
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Thanks for the responses. The panes are probably slightly larger than 1/2'' x 1/2".

As far as suits, they are pretty conservative, navy, navy pin, medium gray, etc.

My inclination is to be less bold, hence why my first inclination was for solid navy.
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I have subdued windowpane-pattern shirts I love wearing with repp ties.
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I think that when challenged by windowpane or tattersall designs you have to play with proportion of design to design. Without sounding to complex in this exercise remember one element has to dominate the other or you get a fighting reaction to each design.
I like rep stripes that are bold, medallions, paisleys or small polka dots and solids. As for color, I think that on a shirt that you have shown us, you have many opportunities to explore. Wearing a solid navy tie is not very imaginative to me. There is more color available in neckwear today than there has been in a long while. Hope this helps.

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