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do you need a separate deer bone for every color or can you use the same deer bone far all the colors? Same question for the designated dirt horse hair brush?

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I have a small tear near the little toe on my Park Avenues. Now I am afraid to use them, because I think it will just get worse.

What on earth should I do?


Take them to a good cobbler.

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I have tried two different deer bones and i just can't notice any magic oils on the shoes. How does it work?
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^ Where'd you get the bones? If it's just a random deer bone, I wouldn't be surprised if it's depleted of oils. On mine you can feel the oil on your fingers just from touching it, and it clearly deposits a thin layer of slightly cloudy oil (it's not really cloudy, just needs buffing).

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They are Abbeyhorns so it's good brand. Can they be depleted of oils? Is that normal?

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Sure, why not? I was thinking of some random old bone you might in a forest—not like what you clearly have. Mine looks like the left one in your picture.

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