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I'm so mad nobody let Ugly live with them. Strong men also cry, strong men also cry. Good job Korben, an angel just got their wings.
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Originally Posted by Helix View Post
Recognizing their better tbh.

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if their IS good karma, you deserve it Korben. I for one am the type that would just drive away thinking "aw, poor cat"... wait, as a matter of fact I think that already happened.
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Korben, if there is a heaven you most certainly have a place reserved.

Based on the picture and other posters' comments, I'm going to pass on the Ugly story. I was compelled to read Korben's story without knowing how it would end so I will quit while I'm ahead and instead give my cat some extra attention tonight.

I learned long ago that you can't save every animal that needs/deserves it so you make a difference however you can. My boy is a rescue, as are (at my urging) my g/f's cats, as will be any of my future companions.
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A similar thing happened to me when I was a teenager, but with a bird. I took it my gf's place of work, a vet, but it was dead on arrival. I gave the bird a viking funeral.
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You, Korben, are the best sort of human being. I tip my hat.
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Originally Posted by chas View Post
Well done. You have a whole heap of good karma coming your way.

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Wow. I hate cats but I suppose being a vegetarian and animal lover should come before that. I am so glad you took care of it. I hope you can exact revenge on whoever hit the cat while you are waiting for it to recover.
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Originally Posted by Korben View Post
So I was on my way to work this morning driving my normal path and I come to a red light. A car had hit a kitten and the poor thing was trying to move with two legs.. The other two both on the same side had been crushed.. Its raining and cold and just a miserable day. I am sitting there in a new suit, warm car and gloves. I just couldn't take it... (this is one of the major streets in my city). I flip on my flashers get out of the car go to the middle of the intersection and pick the little thing up. Not a car moves... I get back in, put the little guy in the passenger seat (its making the worst sounds I have ever heard). Luckily my son had left his gym bag in the back and towel was hanging out, so I wrapped him up. Pulled a U turn in the intersection and went to the animal hospital a few blocks away. Long story short a ruined suit, two missed morning meetings, and about $2,000 in vet bills so far, I have a new little cat I'm gonna call.... Rudy. The little thing lost one leg completely but the vet salvaged the other. I thought they would just put it down but they asked me if I wanted them to try and save it and well I couldn't say no. He is resting at the hospital for now and they told me in 2 weeks I may be able to bring him home.

And to top it all off I am allergic to cats, starting allergy shots.

God bless you! Instead of passing up that cat and having "what I could have done" lingering in your head forever, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you made the right decision in those five seconds that were allowed to you. You will also now have a partner who won't care if it has only three legs - this will not slow down its spirit at all. Furthermore, this cat will be a constant reminder that you saved a life, and when you get home after a day of things not going so well, all you have to do is look at that cat and know that you are a very good person.
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Originally Posted by Kas View Post
This seems appropiate, you did the right thing.

I'm trying hard to convince myself that this story was fabricated - my coping mechanism.
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Amazing thing to do. Just awesome.
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Originally Posted by tomjacob View Post
Hi all.
New here.
I have got job recently and now I have no time for even my self. This is saddest for me.

You're new here so please accept my apologies in advance, but...
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Little update... I stopped by again today and they were messing with him. So I got to pet him a little... still rather out of it. But they said he never complains or cries when they have to poke him. They are kinda worried about a mild infection in his remaining injured foot. So he has several more rounds of Abx treatments to go.
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I hope he pulls through.
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thanks for posting korben. i really needed to hear something good like this right now
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