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The Taiwan guy's outfit still looks gangster because of the fedora and isn't appropriate for everyday wear, but actually looks quite good. The difference is that his suit fits well.

D2K, there's a bit of a slim-fit obsession on this board (definitely applies to me as well), but maybe you can compare the fit of that suit to the fit of yours and see that most of your clothes shown in your pictures are too baggy.
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New member here, also member of AAAC and Fedora Lounge.

If the kid has the cajones to go with the look, my hat is off to him. He looks like a young, twitchy-fingered rod-man who just walked out of a Chandler novel, and that is not all bad in my book. This world has become so boring in its homogeneity that I applaud attempts at novelty.

You look good, kid. Go for it.

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Thank goodness somebody revived this thread; so much good work remains to be done.
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yeah. wonder whatever happened to dressed2kill. did he join the mob yet?
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Originally Posted by gdl203
Can anyone actually graduate from high school in the US and write in such a poor English?

I for one never had a problem with both a graduation with honors and poor writting skills but that never seemed to slow my desire at communications.

Last I understood the function of words was to communicate with others and I think everyone has understood this mans request just fine but not all care for his words or the way he accepts advise.

I wish to speak concerning the hat. Its simply beautiful and yet it does not suit your frame size.

The high crown wide brim hats do generally look best but this one is a bit overwhemling . A couple minutes with a rounding jack, pair of sizzors or razor blade how ever could cut that brim down to match your shoulder width and frame better. If at that point the brim seems to tall and I am not sure it would, then you can simply "bash" style it down a bit lower and it will be beautiful.

As far as the clothing they all look nice on you but as you commented early on some of the clashes occuring. I think you can get the look you want exactly and by all means the hat is the intrigral part of it as well as the sensible one. Unless you want to wear an umbrella when it looks like rain or get sun cancer and die young and leave a perty corpse I would keep the hat first and make the suits work with it.
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Originally Posted by seen
I guess those with a negative opinion should have just shut up and let this guy keep looking ridiculous. Btw, D2K lost his cool many times and tried to throw some insults, but he just wasn't very good with them.

We're all trying to help, but we end up doing it differently. Some end up being the 'immature jackasses', the others end up as patron saints. So what happens now? D2K splits the forum right down the middle. I say he was sent by FL to sabotage this forum.

I meant Fedora Lounge, whoops.

Well you have misunderstood the mission of the Fedora Lounge. They are a group of gentlemen there and all in harmony. I can assure you that regardless of their reputation at being a bunch of pompous people that pretend to all have intimate knowlege of all hats while having none.

I wish to put that rumor to rest as it is not true. Some of them do know a few things about a few hats.
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Originally Posted by Film_Noir_Buff

If you take nothing else away from your experience with this and your other thread remember that people will happily give you their judgments wrapped in opinions but their motives will usually be jealous, or at a minimum careless. They will pretend they have no such approach and that you operate under that same projected burden that they do. They will maintain this position until you are driven to despondency. Such is the victory of the common voice bringing down that of talent and reason.

Further, you will constantly meet people who tell you that you are too young, too old, too short, too tall, too dark, too light, too smart, too... You only have one life, you can let other's whose lives are potentially in shambles live it for you, or you can do what you want and damn the consequences. It's up to you.

"Dandy" is just another word for self assured individualist. If you hear the music you need apologize to no one.
FNB you speak as a very wise man. I applaud your elogence in speech and your formation of words into something of great substance.

One may say you are Dandy. I would say you are Dandy.

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