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Yet another watch question, but with a twist

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Gentlemen, Yes, here's another watch post. But this one has a little bit of a twist to it: I got engaged a couple of weeks ago. My fiance, being the type of woman that she is, wants to buy me a watch, since she thinks that the whole engagement process is entirely one sided. So she wants to buy me a nice watch to reciprocate (not in price, but in gesture). She asked me what I wanted, but I want it to be somewhat of a surprise. So, I told her that I would post a post on this forum and she could take the advice of the people I know who know most about fashion, style, and quality. Here are the guidelines: platinum or silver over gold. Simple and elegant face. That's it. She wants to spend between 5K and 7.5K. Please post your posts here, and if applicable, post pictures and or links for her. We appreciate your help.
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What a terrific situation to find yourself in. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by platinum or silver over gold. My assumption is that you want a silver colored watch. If so, I would suggest white gold instead of platinum, as platinum tends to be a bit more expensive, but doesn't look any better than white gold. My suggestion is a Patek Calatrava with a leather strap. Truly the most elegant and classic watch there is. (with the possible exception of the Breguet) A manual winding model in white gold should cost you about 7.5k (My favorite) (Another Choice) I have purchased two watches from and have been quite pleased with them. Kai
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Those Patek's are quite nice choices. The Calatrava is a classic watch of impeccable reputation. However I will suggest also the atelier of Vacheron Constantin. At this moment I cannot think of their models of which fall into your bracket. Some others would be a Jaeger leCoultre Reverso perhaps with a monogram of your or both initials incroparated in the back. This watch should easily fall into your price range. Enameling pictures, etc. can also be done but that would costlier. Most likely the price just might make it though. If you prefer something sportier, if your fiancee permits of course, Panerai is a popular brand. Alain SIlberstein is a very fun maker with animations, and etc. Further along the Audemars Piguet company is quite the maker of preferred watches of your taste. The Jules Audemar is a fine choice, and there are some others of which I forget. Also by silver over gold do you mean vermeil?
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Your fiancee is definitely a keeper.  I take it from your post that you are interested in a simple dress watch.  Do you prefer automatic or handwind?  Round case or tank?  Light or dark face?  Two preliminary recommendations I can give you are a A. Lange & Sohne Lange 1815 and a Vacheron Constantin Malte Grande Classique.  While the Pateks are undoubtedly classic, I find them a bit stodgy.  Plus, they tend to be a bit on the smaller size -- 33-34 mm. Let us know more about your preferences and we can give you more precise recommendations.
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