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by the way, stacy adams makes this type of collar, but the other details are very ugly. picture is of orange but it comes in white.
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I brought back a couple of Crombies from their last sale whilst I was in the UK. Just picked up one from my alterations seamtress. The shirts are nice but are a billowy fit on the sleeves and trunk . anyway, another 20usd to make it a 'slim fit' on top of the 20 GBP sale price isn't bad.
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Originally Posted by The Great Wazu View Post

First of all, to the OP, Go Tigers.

My biggest problem with this guy is the unbuttoned DB suit. It takes what is otherwise no doubt an impeccably tailored suit and throws it into traveling salesman territory.

Coupled with the unbuttoned shirt cuffs and the tie knot that's been so carefully twisted to show the back blade in a studied attempt to look unkempt, it just gives the overall impression that he hasn't finished getting dressed yet. Any one of these elements alone might appear jaunty, but taken together, they're too blatant to exude any sense of real refinement.

Unlike some others though, I don't have a problem with his collar choice. Sure, it breaks the Flusser rules about a wide face wearing a spread collar, but I think he's rocking it just fine. Maybe it's his Mediterranean complexion.
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wow looks like i'm unbanned. NERDS!

anyway, i'm thinking of doing what j told me to do and get someone to make custom collars and put them on my shirts. could CEGO do this? everyone seems to like them.
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Lino's store in Tokyo has pictures of his shirt collar

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