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Hoodie color decision

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Trying to decide on a plain slim hoodie purchase from Loopwheeler. Trying to decide between the navy, grey, or black. Which color do you think is most versatile and functional?

Here's the hoodie:
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All of those colors work well with almost anything. I prefer classic grey myself, but I'd be happy with any of the three.
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Navy won't look too great with raw dark denim IMO. And I don't personally like heathered gray like that, but that's just me. So it would be the black for me.
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I have this thing for black hoodies. I don't know what it is, but I love 'em. However, they don't layer as well. If you're planning on using it as a layering piece, I'd go for the gray, otherwise, black. I agree completely with j that navy won't look as good with raw denim, so assuming that's a factor for you, I'd personally stay away from it.
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Depends on your look and what you are going for. If you are looking or huistorical authenticity, then grey>navy>black. Of course, there were no double zips, or even zip, hoodies until fairly recently (70's I believe) so that may be a non-factor. Otherwise, grey is the most versatile, while navy is the most difficult to coordinate with (darker) jeans. It can be done, but things really depend on the undertones of the hoodie and the jeans, and this can be tricky. If you don't do it right, it can just look dumb. For example, I have navy "the Cast" hoodie which has some purple undertones which matches well with true blue color of my worn in, broken down RRDS. It does not go with my worn in APC's, which themselves have a purplish cast. FWIW, I have been considering the same hoodie (actually, I've been considering the heavier, classic version), and would probably go with the heather grey.
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I concur. Navy will certainly look nice but won't mesh if you're a denimhead. I got black. The mans color. Or something.
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LA Guy, I've also considered the classic heavier version, just because the fact that I can still wear it when I'm 55 and I'm not so sure I can do that with the slimmer zip up. It's just the one on their website, the guy looks soooo fat and sloppy in it! : It's making me want the slimmer look.
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I tried on the classic in a medium (I'm a M-L in t-shirts, L in W&H hoodies- about as slim as i'd want it, 38US chest) and it fit comfortably and snugly- and it doesn't make you look fat like that picture haha.
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Can you post a pic with you wearing your hoodie just to see the fit? I'm sure you'll look better than that guy in the picture who seems to be thrusting his gut out!
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