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I figured that mentioning buying CH shoes was frowned upon outside of the SWD subforum.

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I saw them in the store couple of days ago. I actually like them, would look great on summer with a casual outfit.

Originally Posted by mr monty View Post

crockett and jones

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Thinking about picking these up.

CJ Latimer

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^I like those.
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Originally Posted by Rumpelstiltskin View Post

So I bought a pair of suede Façonnable Andre
 crepe soled shoes from
 Nordstroms back in 2004/2005.  Slightly snug fit but the sole was cool and comfy.  They somehow got left them in the  storage area of the  basement (don't ask me why) and they developed a fuzzy mold growth on the sole.  Yeah there was some serious chia pet action going on.  

What to do? What...to...do?

I know: put them in the sun and the sun will kill all that crap.  So I left them on the deck one hot summer day for the sun to beat up.  Yes, I know:  pure genius. 

I got home from work and the fuzzy moss was dead but the rubber was a very dark colour and misshaped and/or melted in some places.  Additionally there were small pieces of stone embedded in the rubber that once removed left gaping holes in the sole.  Nonetheless I tried them on and walked in them a couple of days later.  And that was the last time I wore them

 Fast forward to this year.  I was going  through some clothes to give to Goodwill and I came across them.  So I said to myself, "Self?  Why don't you get them resoled with a leather sole?"

"Grand idea" I answered "but do we know any cobblers?"

So with google's help, I found an old Italian cobbler and he agreed to do my shoes.  Here is the result.   Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
He took a couple of liberties but they came out pretty good for a pair of shoes that were moments away from getting tossed out.

Sample of original shoe



Great post, and revival. Shoes look good.
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Originally Posted by SHS View Post

^I like those.

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Loake for CT Keswick

Combo might be better with blue or khaki pants?
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Originally Posted by Papa Doble View Post

Loake for CT Keswick

Combo might be better with blue or khaki pants?

no no no this is lovely! supposed to be boldicon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Here is some suede for your weekend!  If you see anything you like send me a PM or check us out at www.unipairstore.com

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Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox View Post

how much did you get them for?
are they the longwing bucks?

just received my jcrew navy suede wingtip and bucks ....
i like that LElongwing over the jcrew short wing
kinda want to keep but i think i will probably end up returning both just because i spent so much money on other stuff

Hey Romeo, sorry for the delayed response... yeah these are the LE longwing buck called "Archer". I also thought they were going to be kind of clunky, but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and tried them on - pretty lightweight and about as un-clunky as a longwing can be. I ordered a .5 size larger than I normally wear and it fits perfectly.
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delete, wrong thread.
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Carmina Calf and Suede, BB Peal Co Captoes, Alden Long Wing Snuff Suede

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Please let us know what you think!  www.unipairstore.com

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Is that pair worn with the corduroys pants above an EG Dover?
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I just got these:








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