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suede shoes - post 'em here!

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I have a newfound love for suede shoes. I have really started enjoying them this winter. They are the perfect complement for flannel or tweed trousers, and I think they will make a great summer shoe as well.

I thought I'd start a thread for suede appreciation Please post your pics (or pics of suede shoes you like) here.

Here are mine:

(Alden snuff suede NST)

(Charles Tyrwhitt suede wingtip boots, rust suede)

(Chaeney snuff suede semi-brogue oxfords)

(Polo suede wingtips, made in italy)
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Every pair of those look decidedly janky with the exception of the first which I think is mostly due to the camera angle.
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Santoni with darkened toe

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The ideal summer shoe......Polo RL

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I have those CT wingtip boots. I get a lot of wear out of them. Can be dressy or casual.
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Brooks Brothers bucs:

Alden suede & calf spectators:

Alden monks:

Alden snuff suede flex-welts:

EG Asquith:

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Alden 666
Fratelli Rossetti
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I miss these some days.

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Too lazy to post pics of my pair, but suede shoes are probably my favorite Do you guys waterproof yours? Is there any reason not to?
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Now that's what I am talkin' about! MOAR !!
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Suede shoes are on my next to buy list.
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