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Customised Jeans...

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Hi Guys, I was wandering, Does anyone know of any place whether online or a store that customise jeans???...

Please Reply, Appreciate It...
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45rpm makes bespoke jeans.
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An Earnest Cut and Sew in NYC.
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Originally Posted by whoopee
An Earnest Cut and Sew in NYC.

On topic, has anyone ever been there? I'm thinking about going there once I get some money saved up, after I finish my car. How much do the jeans usually run for with the NYC tax and what options do they have to customize them to make them your own?
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Bespoke jeans now?! Yeesh, next they'll make bespoke braces.
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None of these are bespoke jeans. The washes are custom. Not the cuts or the fabrics. Places like Jean Shop and 45rpm just let you pick out a pair of jeans and then tell them what to do to them. [edit] Earnest Cut and Sew is the closest you'll get, but even that is just customization of, at best, a pattern. All you can do is pick out threads, rivets, and "limited edition denim," whatever that is.
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What precisely are you looking for? Customized jeans could mean picking out the fabric, thread, and fit or it could mean rhinestones, airbrushing, patching, and beading.
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Apparently Evisu do bespoke.
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cheapmutha does custom jeans.
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Ande Whall has very nice offerings----I will be getting the 14oz left hand twill black denim in the next couple months, I think.
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Levi's Store in SF does patches and rhinestones as well as some other things.
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cheapmutha will make you a denim skirt too.
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no... i said id make ddml one. hes special.
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Please cut air holes in the paper bag next time...
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next time ill let you take it off.
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