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that was a great article. thanks for sharing
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

that was a great article. thanks for sharing
Serious Eats is a quality site. smile.gif

It seemed to me that the article was more about the culture surrounding espresso than the drink itself. My (admittedly limited) experience with espresso in Milan is that, while it's a great cultural element, the coffee itself isn't anything special; its roast level tends toward "incinerated" and it's heavy on the cheap robusta beans. It's for good reason that they almost invariably put sugar in it.

It's fast, it's cheap, and you don't drink it for the flavour, you drink it for the buzz. smile.gif

I know there are some specialty-grade coffee places in Italy too, though; I'd love to find one on my next visit to compare.
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Bought a half pound of starbucks espresso to dial in a Mazzer . Really bad coffee, over roasted bitter taste. 


Not enjoyable.



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Yea I drank a bunch of coffee in Europe and also got some of the high end Esse beans for home use, and my conclusion is for taste (and fun coffee-tourism) Third Wave is definitely more interesting and tastes better. 


But when I drink 3+ espressos a day, they all taste about the same and I'm much more in the Italian camp... 


So, as a drug: Italian roast. For nerd-ing out: new wave. 

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You guys have any good v60 recipes/tips? 

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have you tried the concentric circle method? i honestly dont really notice a huge difference between that and just dumping the water in and stirring
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Found (by a recommendation) an affordable local roaster with a very decent selection (not sure about quality yet).. This will be awesome, will probably take me six months to make my way through what sounded interesting so far.
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Any storage recs for around 2-2.5 pounds of coffee?

I usually go with those OXO airtight containers that fit 12-16 oz perfectly but I've been buying the 2 lb bags from Costco for cold brewing and need a way to store them.
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Freeze in ziplock bag
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Is there a correct defrost process for frozen beans? Stick it in the fridge for a bit first or just take it out straight into room temp?
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i just leave it out. my palate isn't that good to notice a real difference tho
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just take it out immediately. important thing is to not open bag until fully defrosted, because you don't want moisture getting in. 


idk maybe I imagine it, but I definitely feel like beans start losing their flavor a little if I leave them out 2-3 weeks after roast date. I freeze everything above 8oz quantities. Not sure this means anything, but the beans I leave out longer make less bubbles (releasing gas?) during the initial bloom

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yeah 2-3 weeks after roasting for sure, but i'm still not quite sure how or if freezing impacts flavor. the moisture part is a good idea. never really thought about that
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About 10-12 days after roasting and they lose their bloom and start tasting stale to me, and I have the palette of a drunken baboon
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