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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

Did my first run today with the burr grinder. The guide suggested a setting of 30-32 for coarse ground, so I went in the middle at 31. Definitely way too coarse and got a completely underextracted cup of coffee. I knew this wasn't going to taste good when I went to plunge the press and noticed all the grinds sitting at the bottom already. The grinds also ended up being a bit messier than I was expecting, so it was a bit of an annoying cleanup. I didn't expect the grinder to grind that quickly (probably because it was set at such a coarse grind setting), so I ended up with a lot of extra grinds too. Dumping it into a cold brew mix and hoping for a better run next time. I think I'll try turning the setting at 29 next time, maybe even 28.

The suggested setting of 30-32 really doesn't mean anything as the grinders are all calibrated differently. You may find the setting that works for you to be much different than their suggestion. New burrs also improve with use as they need a breaking in period. There are plenty of tutorials online about your grinder and brewing methods


It is helpful to start by measuring bean and water volume to be consistent.  You just need an scale. A ratio of 15:1 works well for me. for a 10/12 ounce cup I grind 20 or 22 grams of coffee and use 300 or 330 grams of water by weight. Using water temp between 200 and 204.


French press is a bit messy disposing of the grinds.

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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

Unfortunately, I use an old electric percolator that doesn't show temperature of the water. I let it rest for a few minutes after it fully comes to a boil because I found pouring it right after it comes off the boil was too hot. I dunno, I just did 8-10 because I found it to be my sweet spot for when I enjoyed my coffee the most o_o;

A couple minutes is a long time to let the water cool. I just checked, and mine was down to 202 in one minute and 194 in two minutes.

Best way (if you don't want to get a fancy kettle) is to just get a digital thermometer, which is kind of necessary for cooking anyway. I've used mine enough to know the temperature from watching the bubbles, but it was just guessing before that and results are inconsistent.
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I just reread nahneun's post again, and missed that you were underextracting (too sour?), and I agree with Gibonius that your water temperature is probably causing that. Use the water just off boil or boiling, and that will definitely reduce the underextraction.
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Anyone have experience with kopi luwak? I tried some here in Taiwan and it just tastes like instant coffee. On the one hand I'm almost positive it's adulterated in some way, but on the other it was a gift for my dad for his academic work, and I'm assuming most people recognize it's not particularly classy to gift fake shit.
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Kopi Luwak literally tastes like shit. There's also only 500 kg from actual wild civets made every year but 50 tons being sold on the market. Generally the places that make them are giant farms where the civets live in cramped cages and the workers pick through their shit to get the beans
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Well it didn't taste bad, it just tasted like... Nothing. My dad told me that the lighter (or more watery if you will) taste is preferred by Asians who are more used to tea.
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What your dad said is pretty true. Asians also love Jamaican mountain blue which also tastes like nothing. Real Kopi Luwak does taste faintly like poop tho
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The Starbucks Papua New Guinea Ulya (not the standard regular brewed New Guinea) is pretty amazing.
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What is wrong with there 'Cold brew" it is awful ??

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Originally Posted by OmniscientCause View Post

You could get a cheap bag ground at a coffee place and see how corse it should be then adjust your grinder until it gets to that grind size. Then stop doing your 8 min steep time and change it to 4.

is there a reason you endorse the 4 min steep time? i've always found it to be a bit underwhelming, though that may be because i'm too accustomed to the longer steep.
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I used to do 5 and tried 4 and it tasted better that way.
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