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yeah, i really like the fruitiness of oren's coffee, but was seeking other options because i've basically tried every bean they offer.
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I make my own cold brew at home. I use this and find it to be an easy process and a pretty enjoyable cup

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I find cold brew too strong, though I'm very casual coffee drinker
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If you're looking for great companies that do a subscription:


Intellegentsia, Verve, Klatch, Stumptown (I bet they do?)


Although I would actually recommend Corvus.  Its a tiny little place in Denver that is bonkers good.  One of the top 2 coffee shops I've ever been to, and I have driven hours to visit coffee shops...

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Yes, I remember that. I think you said that the Populace blend pulled really consistently. I'll have to check out Highwire.

Another place a friend turned me onto is: http://www.oldbisbeeroasters.com/default.asp

Their roasting style is darker than most places, but nowhere near as dark as Peet's, and lighter than Starbucks. It's probably city to city+. Of the four I tried, 3 were very good, and 1 is still in stock: the Mexican Pluma Real. Anyway, for fans of the darker roast or those who want to dip their toes in darker roasts.

Have you had the Sumatra? They sell green coffee too, which is cool.
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Not sure how they will stack up, but if anyone here gets a bag from my local shop I would be curious on your thoughts. They do small batch mostly lighter roasts here is a link, my coffee is typically picked up within 2-3 days of the roasting date.


They did win a Good Food award for their Don Roger series. 





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