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Yeah when you said that I went and checked and didn't really notice a huge variance in roasting profile
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Furthermore they call it a "Medium-Dark" roast. That is laughable. I bet their "French Roast" tastes like a grapefruit.
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Oh, another thing... I bought the picolo mondo this weekend and when you buy beans they give you a free coffee. All I had were hundred dollar bills and they don't accept $100's! I was pissed and this girl already poured the coffee so I felt obligated to go to an ATM to get 20's. That free small coffee turned into $3.75 in ATM fees. I feel like not even homeless people will take $100's from you, they seem to be useless all over New York City.
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Has anyone ever found a bean to have an espresso flavor that truly matched the aroma (assuming you pulled the god shot)?

Is it even possible considering that espresso has an inherent bitterness to it?

What got me thinking was the description for the beans I just bought from CQ coffee roasters:
The sweet aroma of nougat, chocolate and caramel leads to a cup with smooth taste and understated complexity. Constructed with the Italian sweet, dolce tradition in mind, Espresso Motoretta is a blend of coffees from Daterra Farms in Brazil. We have combined the coffees Sweet Blue and Monte Cristo- a perfect blend of natural pulped/honeyed and dry processed coffees. We have found Brazil coffees typically retain more sugar and fat which creates more crema and sweetness.

Our roast on this coffee brings out a perfect caramelization of the sugars during the roast process. When it comes to espresso a lot of roasters reach a bit too far into the roast for a typical bitterness and acidity. Our medium roast holds onto the sweetness and the aroma making the classic bitter bite of the espresso sweet and pleasing. It is a total sweet chocolate bomb with after thoughts of dusted almonds too
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What do you mean match? Your nose can't smell everything. Somethings only your tongue tastes
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That description from CQ is pure nonsense. Just drink it, and if you like it, buy more. As for taste fulfilling the promise of smells, I guess that depends. I think of the two as complementary, which they are as one affects the other, and just try to enjoy the whole experience. BTW, all coffee is bitter.

This sentence is especially facepalmy:
1 lb bag! We know you need you to dial in to get perfection so we offer our espressos in one pound bags!

edit: also, damn PB, you really set Kevin Knox off:
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Originally Posted by A Y View Post

That description from CQ is pure nonsense.

Well it may be, but I bought it based on this review.
Blind Assessment: Evaluated as espresso. Sweet-toned; lively but deep. Chocolate, almond-paste, tangerine and plum notes with vanilla hints in aroma and, more pronounced, in the small cup. Syrupy body; the finish is resonant though gently drying and eucalyptus-toned. The chocolate and citrus further sweeten and soften in three parts milk; the plum note turns delicately floral.

It got a score of 92, so I'm not going to complain about getting those extra 4 ounces. Of course, as you mentioned, none of that will matter if I don't like the taste.
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Originally Posted by A Y View Post

edit: also, damn PB, you really set Kevin Knox off:

Kevin is awesome.
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i subscribe to mistobox and tonx...

i've noticed mistobox coffees are all way too lightly roasted, all citrus mostly... tonx has been roasting a bit darker than the roasters in mistobox, and i greatly prefer that...
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I find what Kevin says to be interesting regarding roast profiles, brewing methods, and origin. All things I have definitely noticed, however never kind of "put all together".
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Haven't read through the whole thread so no idea if this has been mentioned yet, but I've subscribed to the Tonx service for the last few months. If anyone's wondering about them I'm happy with the bean quality. Good variety and tastes great with a Chemex system. It's a little expensive but conveniently removes thought out of it.
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You clearly haven't read two posts back either.
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Fail on two levels: not reading two posts before, and not realizing the guy that's posting is my RL friend who got me into Tonx.
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Originally Posted by furo View Post

Well it may be, but I bought it based on this review.

Sure. I was referring to their nonsensical justification of their roasting style. I wish roasting companies would just tell us what they taste in their coffees instead of florid prose about nothing. Only the last sentence of those two paragraphs really addresses that.

Also coffee scores aren't like most wine scores (I know you weren't making the comparison) in that it isn't some abstract reflection of a coffee's goodness or how great the reviewer feels after a cup. It's the sum of various aspects of a coffee which tends to give high scores to "interesting" coffees, which are coffees that have a wide and often loud flavor profile. A super acidy, fruit and flower bomb of a coffee will score much higher than one that's a bit more muted, but not everyone will enjoy such a coffee, especially if they're drinking it with food, or if the flavors aren't well balanced.
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I thi
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Interesting about Peet's. I work down the street from one of their main roasting sites but I'm never sure how old the beans are when in their shops. Might have to give the Arabian Mocha Sanani a try. As for the Blue Bottle espresso roasts, the ones I like are smooth and thick with hints of chocolate. I wasn't a fan of their roasts that were more citrusy if this makes sense.
I think that is their best coffee. Otherwise, I think Peets is slipping from too much growth. Coffee just tastes burnt now.
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