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In other news I got one of these bona vita temperature regulating water heaters. It is pretty cool, makes things a bit easier even if it isn't perfect.
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I've been doing a more conistent strong tamp and WDT lately and have consistently very good results. Not sure whether it changed something to the better. It definitely didn't change something to the worse though, so I definitely recommend both. No tapping though.
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Just did a cold brew in a clever coffee dripper. 24 hour steep, I like it much better. I think in general I prefer filtered coffee for a smoother and clean flavor, hot or cold.

Good to hear WDT works for you, b1os.

I saw that water heater for sale patrickbooth, do you think it is worth it? I've been debating getting one for work as the hot water there is never hot enough.
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I love my Pino Digital Kettle Pro ... until it broke. I have a Bona Vita travel kettle now.

I think the temperature setting is a bit of a gimmick as it's not super accurate, but maybe it matters more for tea drinkers? Anyway, these days I try to use the water as close to boiling as possible, especially for dark roasts, so a normal electric kettle works for me, too.
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So I just discovered cold brew. I like it a lot as getting older has made the acid in coffee more difficult for my stomach. Want to make it at home as the bottled stuff is really expensive. Can anyone recommend a good cold brewer? I noticed the Toddy brewer is 35 bucks on Amazon, and I would like to spend something in that range, at least until I'm sure I want to be doing this permanently.
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^^^^^ ? confused.gif didn't know there was such a thing - i just put grounds & water in jug - maybe that's why mine wasn't up to snuff, but i think it had mainly to do w/ my technique/timing
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I have the Toddy, and it works pretty well. I felt silly spending $35 on basically a glorified bowl to hold coffee grounds and water, but if you drink lots of iced coffee like I do in the summer, it works quite well and makes it a lot less of a mess. I make a big batch with it that lasts me close to two weeks.
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Yeah, the toddy really just makes it easier to filter. I had a setup rigged with a sieve and coffee filter, but it always got clogged and needed babysitting. The toddy, just pull the plug and let it drain for 20 minutes.

Like I said, I felt silly buying it, but it did make life easier for me.
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The internet is telling me I should be able to use my french press, so I think I will try that before I spend any money.
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I use a clever coffee dripper to make my daily cup.
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French press works quite well, just doesn't make a ton at a time. That's a great way to start, though.
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I've also had much better results lately based on a strong and consistent tamp for my double shots. I will try to post a vid later to get any feedback/tips for my technique.
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What ratios do you use for cold brew coffee?
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Originally Posted by b1os View Post

What ratios do you use for cold brew coffee?

This was my first batch but I used 4 parts water to 1 part coffee for 24 hours and it turned out quite delicious.
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Grind size?
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